NITCO is Hiring for Various Career Opportunities

NITCO is Hiring for Various Career Opportunities

A good job is hard to find. Entry-level and experienced job-seekers alike can spend hours and hours searching for their ideal position. NITCO, the Region’s leading locally-based internet provider, is currently hiring for an array of career opportunities at multiple levels.

All of NITCO’s current openings are listed at, but some include a copper and fiber Splicer, customer technician, CDL construction Laborer, and custodian. NITCO’s constant growth in customers and network size require a team of skilled workers to get things done.

“We have a lot of field positions open right now,” said Kristyn Lewis, Human Resources Manager for NITCO. “And when people start here, they stay here.”

One of the biggest draws to a job at NITCO is their status as local business. At national providers, it is easy for employees to get lost in the crowd.  At NITCO, hard and successful work is recognized.

“Here, we’re more family-oriented so we actually see what our people are accomplishing,” Lewis said. “We recognize and make good decisions on elevating people to new positions so that they can be even more successful. It’s a workplace where people actually can feel appreciated for the work that they’re putting in.”

The tight-knit nature of NITCO also means they are more understanding when your home life needs to come first.

“We’re able to be more flexible than some of these bigger companies,” Lewis said. “If you need to take a half-day for a doctor’s appointment, or whatever it might be, we work around that kind of stuff.”

NITCO is a strong place to build a long career—when an opportunity opens up, the first place they look is within the company.

“We always prefer to hire from within before going outside,” Lewis said. “During the summer, we bring in seasonal help. This year, one of our seasonal hires was brought on to stay full-time.”

Beyond all of that, NITCO also is a fun and positive place to work.

“When I started here everyone was just so welcoming,” Lewis said. “It was a really warm and comforting environment compared to where I’d come from in the past. Once you feel welcome, you know that people are there for you and will make sure you’re successful. They have your back, it makes you want to put forth that extra effort.”

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