NITCO celebrates 8th Annual Customer Appreciation Day with a classic block party

NITCO celebrates 8th Annual Customer Appreciation Day with a classic block party

NITCO brought one of the best block parties of the year to Hebron on Thursday as they hosted their 8th Annual Customer Appreciation Day. Customers and those from all around Hebron enjoyed fresh hotdogs, sweet treats from Valpo Velvet, and fun activities as NITCO celebrated their customers and community.

“It’s an opportunity for us to welcome all of the folks who have our service now, might like to have it in the future, and past customers who we’d love to have come back,” said Tom Carroll, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NITCO. “This kind of community effort is embedded in our culture, it has to be. We started as a small Hebron telephone company and now we have services in a four-county region. Part of our culture is to get out and be in the community.”

NITCO has a history stretching back to the 1890’s, and is constantly striving to innovate and expand on their services. They offer voice services, TV packages, and even fiber optic internet connections for their customers across the Region. The only way they were able to grow is through the constant support of their customers, so the block party evolved as a way to give a little back to community that has backed NITCO for decades.

“We want to show the community that we appreciate what they do for us,” said Cassy Huber, Marketing Coordinator at NITCO. “It’s about showing that we’re not your typical bigwig telecom company. We’re here and involved in the community. We’re just here to have fun today, not to sell. This puts a face to the voice you hear when you call.”

Even the day’s vendors, including Valpo Velvet, are NITCO customers. Visitors took part in raffles, plunged volunteers into the depths of a dunk tank, and spent time with Region Icon Mike “The Mullet Man” Summers of Indiana 105.5 FM. Kids took part in face painting, posed in a photo booth, and collected animal balloons. The turnout was impressive, as grillmaster and NITCO Project Manager Don Schoenbeck attested.

“We started just an hour ago and I’ve already cooked 550 hot dogs,” Schoenbeck laughed. “We’ve tweaked the event over the years, but it’s worked out well, as you can see with the turnout. It’s just such a great way for us to interact with our customers.”

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