NIPSCO’s Energy Reports and Home Energy Assessments help improve your home’s efficiency

NIPSCO’s Energy Reports and Home Energy Assessments help improve your home’s efficiency

NIPSCO is committed to helping their customers improve their energy efficiency. The company offers a number of reports, tools, and other resources that give Region residents the information and supplies they need to cut their energy usage and save on their electric bills.

One of the first signs a NIPSCO customer might notice about their high energy usage is from a monthly report the power company sends out that compares the customer’s usage to the average household in their area. If yours seems high, it might be a good idea to consider signing-up for one of NIPSCO’s free Home Energy Assessments.

“It’s an educational program that helps customers find things they can do to lower their energy use,” said Ryan Tedeschi, Manager of Demand Side Management Programs at NIPSCO. “For example, I had one done and the representative that worked with me asked if I felt a breeze around my front door. I did, and he advised me on how to put down a strip to stop cold air from coming in during the winter.”

During a Home Energy Assessment, which are currently being done virtually by video calls, professional energy advisors do a step-by-step walkthrough of your home, pointing out different long-term, cost-effective energy saving opportunities. Often, their tips are as simple as swapping out incandescent light bulbs with LED ones. When the assessment is complete, NIPSCO will even send a Home Energy Savings Kit that includes things like LED bulbs, sink faucet aerators, and furnace filter whistles so that customers do not need to buy those tools themselves.

“We know how important billing is to customers,” Tedeschi said. “We’re always looking for ways to educate customers on how to lower their overall energy use, which directly relates to their bill.”

Here are some no-cost tips that can help you cut your home energy costs.

  • If you have a dishwasher, turn it off at the drying cycle and let the dishes air dry.
  • Let hot dishes cool before putting them into your fridge or freezer, so they do not have to work harder to keep temperatures down.
  • If your laundry is not really dirty, use cold water to save on the heating costs.
  • Every degree on your thermostat makes a big difference in savings, find the highest setting you’re comfortable with during the summer, and the lowest setting during the winter.
  • Set your ceiling fans to a clockwise rotation, this will bring warm air down from the ceiling.

If your schedule is full and you cannot fit in an assessment, NIPSCO also offers the Home Life Energy Efficiency Calculator at You complete a simple quiz about your energy use, submit your answers, and receive the same free Home Energy Savings Kit that you get for participating in a Home Energy Assessment.

To learn more or schedule an appointment for any of these free programs, visit