NIPSCO’s Energy Efficiency Programs Help Customers Save More Than Energy

rot1Northern Indiana is seeing more green by participating in NIPSCO’s energy efficiency programs. So far this year, NIPSCO has issued more than $1 million in incentives to local businesses and nonprofit organizations for making energy-saving upgrades.

Through the use of NIPSCO’s energy efficiency programs, several communities have recently made investments in their facilities while saving energy and money.

“We currently have five energy efficiency programs for our commercial, industrial and nonprofit customers to participate in,” said Victoria Vrab, director of demand side management programs. “And we want to continue to spread awareness of them so our customers can continue to save, now and in the future.”

Two recent cities that have seen these benefits are Crown Point and Whiting. Crown Point made updates to its wastewater treatment plant with high-efficiency pumps that will save it approximately 370,500 kWh per year. That’s enough to power 27 homes for one year.

Whiting chose to update its YMCA center by adding insulation to existing steam pipes, saving it 6,450 therms per year and resulting in $2,773 in energy savings each year.

To date, NIPSCO has provided incentives for 528 projects at 348 companies across northern Indiana, including Strack & Van Til, Indiana Marine Products, Cathay Industries and Robert Weed Plywood Corporation.

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