New vs. Used Tires

TiresWondering whether to buy new or used tires? There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. For example, some believe that purchasing a used tire is the more eco-friendly option and also saves money. New tires can be costly due to the mounting prices of petroleum-based raw materials. But is opting for a partially-worn tire the best and safest way to be budget friendly?

When you purchase a used tire, it is important to know its history, including where it’s been and how it’s been used. A second-hand tire may have been exposed to excessively high speeds, under-inflation and extra wear from carrying more weight than it should. Those factors could result in internal damage not visible just by looking at it.

At Levin Tire and Service Center, we sell used tires that have been evaluated and tested against a host of safety and quality standards. Our trained experts conduct a complete inspection of each tire, including a visual inspection (checking for bubbles, scalloping, sidewall damage, uneven tread, etc.) and tread depth measurements. We also offer great deals on completely new tires.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase new or used tires is up to you, but at Levin Tire and Service Center, we are happy to consult with you about all your available options. It is our goal for our customers to make informed decisions and leave feeling like they’ve made the right choice.

To schedule your appointment today to purchase new or used tires, contact us or learn more on our used tires page to help you make this important decision.