New treadmills at Community Hospital Fitness Pointe help cushion the jog, easier on joints

New treadmills at Community Hospital Fitness Pointe help cushion the jog, easier on joints

Munster, Ind. - If treadmill equipment used to be your workout tool of choice, but you stopped using it because of the high impact to your joints; you may need to rethink your run. Community Hospital Fitness Pointe® is the first facility in the state of Indiana this past January to premiere five Star Trac®10TRx FreeRunner™ treadmills. The unique design features a hexagonal suspension system that is gentle on joints and shins to provide a more cushioned walk or run.

“You definitely notice that the deck has much more cushion than other treadmills; it’s not a hard surface,” said Nikki Sarkisian, Fitness Pointe exercise program manager. “Members who use the equipment describe it as being very similar to running on an indoor track.”

The FreeRunner treadmill is a different kind of indoor running experience. The treadmill deck is aluminum and it is supported by a honeycomb shaped polymer suspension system that acts much like shock absorbers. Impact to the joints is reduced by up to 26 percent in a study conducted by California State University-Fullerton that measured and compared running absorption.

“One member, who had stopped running because of shin splints, told me they are now able to run again on the FreeRunner treadmill without further occurrence,” Sarkisian said.  

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