New Parent Drop-Off Traffic Pattern at Chesterton Middle School

New-Parent-Drop-Off-Traffic-Pattern-at-Chesterton-Middle-SchoolA cooperative partnership between the Duneland School Corporation (DSC), Chesterton Police Department and Student Resource Officers (SROs), and the Town of Chesterton, has improved and simplified traffic patterns at Chesterton Middle School (CMS) this school year.

“All of these adjustments are being made to keep our students safe and reduce congestion in our parking and student drop-off areas,” stated Superintendent Dr. Ginger Bolinger. “We are fortunate to have such outstanding partnerships with local law enforcement and the town officials.”

“Chief Dave Cincoski of the Chesterton Police Department; Commissioner John Schnadenberg of Chesterton Street Department; and Engineer Mark O’Dell of the Town of Chesterton; have all been helping to assist the school as we make it safe for our students at CMS,” said Mike Kellems, DSC manager of Safety and Security. “It seems to be working well so far,” said Kellems, who also has been out in front of the school to observe and help move traffic in the morning.

The School Corporation sincerely appreciates the cooperative efforts of the local Chesterton Police Dept. and town officials in helping to make this process a smooth one.

The transition has been smoother this year also with the help of CMS administrators, teachers and staff members who are now actively standing outside to monitor the drop-off points as well as at the door entrances. The Chesterton Police Department will continue to occasionally monitor the drop-off process at CMS.

Since the first day of school, these officials along with school SROs, have been present at the school helping to ease parents into the new traffic pattern process. “It’s just going to take time to get everyone on board with the new process and to keep up this safe practice,” said Sgt. Randy Komisarcik, SRO.

The new traffic pattern down Morgan Avenue has incorporated the following components:

  • All student drop-offs are to take place on Morgan Avenue in the right lane.
  • Drop-off lane in the front of the school on Morgan Avenue has been lengthened.
  • Parents are asked to pull forward all the way to Door 4 when dropping off students.
  • After the student exits the car, parents should drive slowly and safely as they merge back into traffic.

The School Corporation is currently reviewing the traffic pattern at CHS. The parking lots at Liberty Elementary and Liberty Intermediate are now under construction and the traffic pattern at both schools will be changing when the construction is completed.