Navigating winter’s worst—Levin Tire & Service Center has your back

Navigating winter’s worst—Levin Tire & Service Center has your back
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: January 17, 2020

Ahh, wintertime in Northwest Indiana. Whether you’re navigating those slippery roundabouts, taking that I-65 straight away, tooling around town, or hitting the off roads, it’s not too late to get your vehicle optimized for winter. The weather might be mild now, but it’s no fun to be stranded on the side of the road when the snow is flying.

Levin Tire & Service Center is here with some tips for navigating winter’s most extreme conditions. Two quick tips upfront: mind your tires, and don’t ignore that pull you might feel if your tires aren’t aligned properly.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Steven Kekelik, Service Advisor at Levin Tire’s Valpo store says one of the best things you can do for your car in the winter months is to get a full inspection when you get your oil changed. Many shops, including all Levin Tire & Service Center stores, will provide free multi-point inspections with that service.

“Especially in the winter months, we will check battery levels, coolant levels, brakes, and most importantly the tire tread depth,” Kekelik said.

Tire tread depth tells you the tire’s lifespan, but mostly how it will perform in snowy, slushy conditions.

Selecting new tires for best performance in winter weather can be tricky, especially in today’s tire market that is flooded with options. But, like any service, it’s all about you.

“When someone comes in, we ask customers about the use of the vehicle. Are you on the highway? Are you on a farm, or do you drive on a lot of backroads? Is traction most important to you? Is the vehicle’s performance most important to you? What price range are you wanting to stay around? Once we gather all that information, we show them the tires that best fit their needs,” Kekelik said.

One of Levin Tire & Service Center’s most popular, and most versatile tire is the Assurance WeatherReady from Goodyear. It comes well recommended as the perfect all-weather tire for Northwest Indiana.

“It’s one of the newest tires Goodyear has and it’s the only all-weather tire available for most passenger vehicles,” Kekelik said. “They provide great traction for any passenger car, even for rear-wheel-drive vehicles. It’s the asymmetrical design that makes this tire great not just in the winter, but year-round.”

The tire comes with Goodyear’s Weather Reactive Technology, which combines the manufacturer’s 3D treadlock blades with their performance extending Evolving Traction Grooves. As the tires slowly wear, the 3D treadlock blades transform into traction groves to propel water and slush for more control on slick roads.

“Tires have come a long way in terms of technology. With the hybrid designs, like the WeatherReadys, you’re getting rid of the need for just winter tires,” Kekelik said. “Some people like to swap their tires out for winter tires for that extra stability, but for most consumers who don’t want to deal with swapping tires out twice a year, you go with a tire with a dual design like the WeatherReady. They are a lot more comfortable for all year-round.”

Even when you’re prepared, unexpected occurrences can still arise, which is why Kekelik recommends taking extra precautions.

“I always have an emergency kit in my car with flares and jumper cables. People don’t realize it, but alignment is also very important as well,” he said. “The alignment is what keeps your car driving straight. If the alignment is off, and you’re getting a pull, it’s only going to be worse in slippery conditions. You’re not going to have the handling you should have. The stability of the car is important when you’re dealing with conditions such as ice, rain, and snow.”

Whatever your car may need this season, Levin Tire & Service Center is here keep your vehicle running properly. For more information on this special or any of the services Levin Tire & Service Center provides, visit their website.