Nancy Frigo of McColly Real Estate develops new projects in Lowell

Nancy Frigo of McColly Real Estate develops new projects in Lowell

Nancy Frigo, New Construction and Development Specialist at McColly Real Estate, starts her day by getting out into the community, pushing to make a difference and making people’s dreams of becoming homeowners a reality.

Currently, Frigo is working on a project titled ‘East Lowell’ in unincorporated Lake County. She is focusing on developing the corner piece of R2 and I-65 to cover approximately 500 acres of land with new residential and commercial property.

“There is a huge need for improved lots in this area. You’re only 50 minutes outside of the city of Chicago; people are really looking to build their lives here,” Frigo said. “I get numerous calls daily from those looking to build.”

Frigo is deeply interested and engrossed in Lowell’s history and looks to incorporate this aspect while getting the developments done within the county.

Back in the 1850s Lowell’s founder, Melvin Halsted, developed the historical Lake County home with 400 red bricks that still stands in the town today.

“I’m looking to take this original concept and design and put a modern twist on it so that when you enter Lowell, and South Lake County, this will be one of the first things you see. A Beautiful building and rich history.”

Frigo says she often is led in her endeavors by taking a step back and looking at the area as a whole.

“I think to myself, ‘what’s missing? what’s needed?’, and then I decide if this is something that the community truly has interest in. If so, I want to get it done. I want the community to grow,” Frigo said.

With this way of thinking being her day-to-day motto, Frigo is currently in the works of providing the community with a home goods store that offers affordably priced products due to the rising population and high number of homes being built.

With so many big projects on her plate, one might think it can be a hectic job, but Frigo has it all down to a science working for McColly Real Estate.

“I strive to have all of my agents understand protocol, know how to get things done, and be knowledgeable about who can do what in the area. They have to know the market at large, and I hope to guide them in this understanding,” Frigo said. “I love helping agents get to the next level.”

While developing new construction, Frigo enjoys being there with her clients every step of the way, and she starts with a wish list.

“As real estate agents, we are problem solvers. I always tell my clients to first make a wish list with everything they want and need in a property, even if they may think it’s the craziest thing, because most of the time, it’s not crazy.”

She noted that in many cases, clients would get back to her with their wish lists written on napkins or placemats, and they would plan on how to make it become a reality from there. 

“I like to see something go from a vacant piece of ground to something beautiful. I like to create something out of nothing,” Frigo said.

One of the most important aspects of this process, according to Frigo, is communication.

“The first thing I do is interview the builder I’m working with. When working on a house, you’re basically entering a short-term marriage with your builders,” Frigo joked. “It’s a very important relationship and every relationship works well when based on one thing: communication.”

Frigo works hard to nurture this relationship in order to ensure a happy, smooth closing process for McColly clients.

“It’s our job as realtors to be on top of all things happening during the entire process of building a home and to be there every step of the way,” said Frigo.

McColly Real Estate's local reputation and expertise are backed by its selection as a member of 'Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®', a global community of over 550 real estate companies awarded membership based on rigorous standards for service and performance.

“We’ve been here for a long time. We are local, as well as global, and that’s huge. We understand the basic economics of our region, and we supply the public the benefits of having experts on their side during a life-changing process,” Frigo said.

Frigo stressed how important it is that McColly real estate agents have one specific trait in particular: credibility.

“In anything in life, credibility is number one. This trait goes a long way, and with all of the experience agents at McColly have, it gives our clients peace of mind and they truly believe in our credibility,” said Frigo.

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