MyWater portal shows Indiana American Water’s continued commitment to customer service

MyWater portal shows Indiana American Water’s continued commitment to customer service

When it comes to customer service, Indiana American Water is an industry leader. Through its MyWater portal, customers have numerous self-service options available to manage their accounts online. Joe Loughmiller, manager of external affairs with Indiana American Water, believes this was a natural outcome of their focus on enhancing the customer experience.

“A lot of people prefer to conduct business online these days,” said Loughmiller. “People like the concept of self-service and the ability to quickly take care of things online. The MyWater portal is our way to meet that customer desire to do business digitally.”

The process for signing up for a MyWater account is quick and easy and can be done on any computer or mobile device. Simply follow the instructions on Indiana American Water’s homepage to get an account set up.

“Nearly everything that they can do by calling, they can do online as well,” said Loughmiller. “All they need to do is go to our website, look for the MyWater link in the top right corner, and then set up an online account. Once they do that, they have access to all kinds of information and customer service options anytime and anywhere.”

The new customer portal lets customers do everything on their own without having to contact a customer service representative directly. This includes paying their bill and accessing information about their account, but it also provides access to other convenient services.

“They can pay their bill, but they can also enroll in other programs we have like Auto Pay or Paperless Billing,” said Loughmiller. “They can also report any emergencies that they might come across, such as a water main break, and submit various service requests, like turning water on or off or moving to a new location.”

Loughmiller emphasized that one of the most important things customers can do through the portal is update their contact information.

“That's important for a lot of reasons,” he said. “We need to know how to contact them if we have an emergency that might affect service to their particular area. We have emergency notifications that alert customers through phone call, email, and text. The client can decide how they want to receive those notifications and the types of information they want to receive from us.”

The new MyWater portal doesn’t just benefit residential or single-property clients. With the portal, industrial or commercial customers can access all their accounts from one place without having to switch between them.

“In the past, some of our customers might have gotten numerous bills and had to log in to each account individually to view account information and pay their bills. We now have what's called Collective Billing to simplify this process,” said Loughmiller. “Customers who have several accounts can now access all their information in one place either on a consolidated invoice they receive by mail or by logging in online to their MyWater account. They now also have the convenience of paying for service on all their accounts with a single payment.”

For those that prefer to manage their account via phone without waiting for a live customer service representative, our advanced voice activated system can handle our most frequently asked customer service requests. Just call us at 1-800-492-8373 and listen to the available options.

“Customers may not need to wait for a representative if they're just looking for information or want to perform a particular task,” said Loughmiller. “As part of the MyWater portal, the voice-activated system will give customers prompts that they can respond to take care of their issue.”

It’s important to note that the MyWater customer portal is not replacing other methods of conducting business with the company—but instead adds value to customers by letting them decide how they want to interact with Indiana American Water. 

“Of course, we still offer the conventional methods. People who want to call can still conduct business by phone,” said Loughmiller. “It’s really up to the customer to decide how they want to interact and perform the business they do with us.”

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