My Top 10 GreatNews.Life Experiences of 2020

My Top 10 GreatNews.Life Experiences of 2020

To welcome in the new year and celebrate the stories I have been able to share since I started working here at GreatNews.Life, I decided to compile a list of my favorite interactions, stories, and overall experiences on the job. Here is a look back at some of my favorite experiences in 2020.

Girls Soccer Andrean VS Boone Grove Sectionals Championships 2020

I have been to some evenly matched games, but WOW. This game refused to quit until overtime, double overtime, and an eventual shootout led Andrean High School to victory. While I particularly enjoy photographing soccer since I played as a child and there was a buzz in the crowd, neither of those things were my favorite part about this coverage. My favorite part was the athlete’s unbridled joy as they embraced and rooted for each other. I was so happy I could capture moments that will no doubt be fondly remembered for years to come.

You can view the gallery here

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Charita Lucas

This was one of the first articles I wrote after starting at GreatNews.Life. Even before speaking with Charita, I admired her. I researched her on the web and discovered just how involved Charita was in the community. From her sister-owned business named after a beloved ancestor to her nonprofit devoted to uplifting youth and equipping them to become leaders, I found this woman to be a true inspiration. She and I quickly became comfortable with each other over the phone and were able to laugh and smile together (yes, you can hear smiles - and hers was radiant). 

You can read all about Charita here.

The City of Hobart hosts ribbon-cutting ceremony for 3rd Street Bridge

Cutting the ribbon for the 3rd Street Bridge was a heartily welcomed event for project partners and Hobart residents alike. Though I am not a Hobart resident myself, I celebrated right alongside the others for the installation of this beautiful bridge. I was fortunate enough to get there a bit early and swing by The Librarium Cafe, which my co-workers had recommended. I highly recommend sipping the Librarium’s sweet, Harry Potter-inspired Butterbrew on a bench overlooking Lake George.

You can see and read all about the bridge here.

Cancer Survivor Series: Toni Miller

Every story I have written for our Cancer Survivor Series has been a pleasure to write, but Toni Miller’s story in particular gave me chills. To know that she is still suffering from illness but persists with a positive attitude full of hope is inspiring. For Toni, that hope came in the form of a butterfly. She believes that a butterfly she saw one day was a sign that everything would be okay. When she discovered another butterfly during her biopsy, she deemed butterflies her personal symbol of hope.

You can read all about Toni’s butterflies here

La Crosse High School Graduation 2020

This event sticks out to me because it was the first event that I took the lead on when I was first shadowing our Lifer reporters on coverage. Learning how to adapt on the fly out in the field was a good challenge for me, and I was able to better learn how to capture these important moments through photography. Also, they hosted the graduation on a baseball field. How cool is that?

You can view the gallery here.

Nate Taillon secures NIETF Scholarship after finding his photo on Facebook

I enjoy a good case of irony, so when I learned that Nate Taillon was awarded the NIETF Scholarship after finding his photo on one of NIETF’s promotional posters on Facebook, I knew I had a good story on my hands. Nate felt he unlocked a new part of himself through theatre, and those veins of self-discovery are always great to hear and write about. Learning how Nate changed his mind on which career path to take while staying true to his heart for helping kids is sure to make anyone smile. 

You can read Nate’s story here

La Porte Hospital announces new name: Northwest Health - La Porte

This event was hugely important to so many communities and businesses, and I thought it was crazy that I was the one there to cover it along with one of our videographers and our HR representative. Being able to coordinate tasks on the field instead of flying solo was a new experience for me. The new hospital looked amazing, and I was glad we had the chance to showcase their new facility.

You can view the hospital and read the gallery here.

Lubeznik Center for the Arts and Safe Harbor foster student learning with Literacy Through the Arts

After learning about Literacy Through the Arts, I wished I was still a grade-schooler so I could take advantage of such an incredible opportunity. The chance to learn, develop confidence, and express emotion through artmaking is such a great way to help kids in the community. Through this program, kids are able to combine art with iPads, which gives them a unique introduction to all they can do with technology.

You can read all about this program here.

Author-to-Author Conversation sheds light on the writing process and experience

As someone who enjoys writing, I was excited to be the one to cover this author-to-author conversation. The audience was full of the authors’ families, friends, and co-workers who listened to the authors and asked questions after they had finished their remarks. Learning about the authors’ writing processes and their experiences in writing a book was a treat, especially since both authors were local. 

You can read about the conversation here.

Volleyball Munster VS Merrillville Sectional Championships 2020

Watching the Mustangs and Pirates go head-to-head for the sectional championships was a fun game for two reasons. The first reason is that I was able to capture so many pictures of the girls just having a good time playing the sport they loved. The second reason was I was able to interact with the girls more than I usually do, which is always so fun. Taking pictures, forming bonds, and spreading good news is what it’s all about!

You can view the gallery here.