Munster Police Department School Safety Tips: 2017-18 School Year Starts Friday, August 11th

By: Munster Police Department Last Updated: August 9, 2017

Munster-PoliceMunster's public schools begin the 2017-2018 school year this Friday, August 11th. Parents and motorists are asked to please remember the following safety tips:

  • Please talk with your children and teenagers about strangers, especially if they walk or bike to school. Encourage them to walk or bike in groups to and from school if possible, and parents are strongly encouraged to walk their smaller children to school for their safety.
  • Motorists should always be alert for small children in and around the school parking lots, walking across crosswalks, or riding bicycles in the area of schools. Please remember that you must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and stop at all times.
  • Parents are asked to be patient and to follow the proper drop-off and pick-up procedures at your child's school. Parents should never cross with children unless it's at a crosswalk (even in the school parking lots). Crossing in the middle of drop-off/pick-up lanes or across regular streets without a crosswalk with small children is very dangerous.
  • Parents are especially encouraged to keep off of their cell phones while they are in school zones for the safety of themselves and the children. Always stay alert and follow the directions of staff members who are supervising the parking lots.
  • Talk with your children about bullying and remind them about the importance of treating others with respect. Encourage them to let you or another trusted adult know if any other student is making them feel afraid to be at school.
  • Munster Police officers will be conducting directed patrols at the various schools during the drop-off and pick-up times. Please obey the school zone speed limit and any posted signage.
  • Motorists are reminded that they MUST stop for school bus stop arms if there is not a raised median (this includes Ridge Road). Registration plates of violators will be reported to the police department for follow-up.
  • Please report suspicious activity around the schools IMMEDIATELY to police by calling 911. If you would like to report any possible ongoing safety issues or concerns that you have observed around your child's school (that are not in progress) please contact your child's principal or the school resource officer for your school.

The Munster Police Department wishes everyone a safe school year.

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