Monarch Lung Cancer Diagnosis Technology

Monarch Lung Cancer Diagnosis Technology

Methodist Hospitals among the first in the nation to offer innovative lung cancer diagnostic technology that enables earlier, potentially life-saving diagnoses

Used to view the inside of the lungs and obtain a tissue sample for biopsy, the Auris Health Monarch™ Platform enables earlier and more-accurate diagnosis of small and hard-to-reach nodules in the periphery of the lung.

The Monarch Platform integrates the latest advancements in robotics, software, data science, and endoscope innovation to dramatically improve patient outcomes, enhance physician capabilities, and reduce healthcare costs.

It utilizes a familiar controller-like interface that Methodist Hospitals specialists use to navigate the flexible robotic endoscope to the periphery of the lung with improved reach, vision, and control. Combining traditional endoscopic views into the lung with computer-assisted navigation based on 3-D models of the patient’s own lung anatomy, the Monarch Platform provides physicians with continuous bronchoscope vision throughout the entire procedure.

Previously available diagnostic options generally had limitations in accuracy, safety, or invasiveness, which often led to false positives or negatives, or side effects. As a result of those diagnostic limitations, many of those diagnosed with lung cancer did not survive the disease, in part because it is often not found until it has reached an advanced stage.

Earlier, more accurate diagnosis with the Monarch Platform’s minimally invasive approach now has the potential to increase chances of lung cancer survival and reduce the need for unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedures.