Miller Lite and Coors Light celebrate the holidays with annual holiday apparel

Miller Lite and Coors Light celebrate the holidays with annual holiday apparel

It’s that time of year again when the ugly Christmas sweaters come out of storage, a time that Molson Coors Beverage Company looks forward to every year. Now in its sixth year, Molson Coors, distributor of national favorites Miller Lite and Coors Light, has unveiled its 2020 holiday apparel and accessories perfect for the beer enthusiast in your family.

Featuring a line of ugly Christmas sweaters, socks, beanies, gloves, and more, this year’s holiday apparel comes at a time when people need a little extra joy in their lives, according to Molson Coors rep Rodney Lind.

“We started this in 2014 as a way for our customers to engage with us and have some fun while doing it,” Lind said. “Especially during the holidays, there is a lot of stress to impress and that does push people to want to impress with what they’re wearing or what they’re drinking. With these fun sweaters and hats and clothing we roll out every year, Miller and Coors Lite can be there to help people not only relax during the holidays, but also be themselves.”

This year’s limited-edition line of holiday wearables focuses on that sentiment. Featuring eye-catching knit patterns and holiday colors, the 2020 line invites people to live in the moment and enjoy the season with their people. Dark blues and vibrant reds make the knit snowflake patterns and signature Miller Lite cans pop. The saying “’Tis The Season” embellishes the holiday Ugly Knit Sweater and Sweater Vest, while the Ugly Knit Beanie with a colorful pom-pom greets you with a “Happy Holidays” wish.

“When we say, ‘It’s Miller Time,’ it means be yourself with your people and these holiday wearables reflect that,” Lind said.

Molson Coors went above and beyond this year, introducing fun accessories for beer enthusiasts, like the Ugly Sweater Knit Beverage Wrap, the Miller Lite Enamel Ornament, the Holiday Dog Scarf, and even the Tap Handle Ugly Sweater. For Coors Light fans, the Coors Light Onesie is a new addition to the line and even has beer holders for pockets.

“Our big campaign for the year for Coors Light is that it’s the official beer of chill,” Lind said. “It’s all about chilling out, being able to relax after work or a long day, and that’s reflected in this awesome pajama onesie.”

The national campaign brings distributors and suppliers together every year. Since 2014, Northwest Indiana’s very own Indiana Beverage has partnered with Molson Coors to bring the holiday wearables to the Region. Indiana Beverage and Molson Coors know how important brand loyalty is to a beer drinker.

“People are very loyal to their brand when it comes to beer,” Lind said. “They may dabble in craft beers, but they have their loyalties to their favorite light beer and they’re proud to wear something unique that calls out to their favorite drink, and the holiday wearables are the perfect way to do that.”

You can order your own holiday wearable at You can also enter to win an Ugly Knit Sweater, a Coors Light Onesie, or a Miller Lite Chicago Bears Ugly Sweater on Indiana Beverage’s website at