Midwest Express Clinics say regular checkups can keep you healthy

Midwest Express Clinics say regular checkups can keep you healthy
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: December 20, 2019

Typically, health professionals urge patients to come in for a regular check-up every year to help catch out-of-the-ordinary health happenings, keep tabs on existing health conditions, and a close eye on your overall health.

During a regular check-up, a Midwest Express Clinic professional will provide a head-to-toe exam checking things such as ears, throat, heart, lungs, stomach, and more. For women, a pelvic and breast exam are recommended, including a PAP smear if indicated.

Even if you feel just fine, regular check-ups can positively influence your health in more ways than one.

“Coming in for your regular check-up is very important because for one, you are building a relationship with your provider, building up a much-needed trust, and becoming familiar with them,” said Amanda Turich, a nurse practitioner at Midwest Express Clinics.

It feels good to walk away with a clean bill of health, and equally good to know exactly where you stand with your health so you can intervene if necessary. Regular check-ups can help with early detection of certain diseases, illnesses, and out-of-the-ordinary symptoms, and for women specifically, physicians can detect cervical or breast cancer in an early stage, Turich said.

“Early detection is much more likely to take place when a patient is adamant about coming in for their regular check-up,” she said. “If you go years without visiting us for your check-up, you could be high at risk for letting health red flags fly under the radar.”

As for children nervous about coming to the doctor for their regular check-ups, Turich encourages them not to stress.

“It’s nothing to be scared of. We are here to walk our patients through every step of what’s going to happen during the exam,” Turich said. “We’re also here to answer any questions patients may have and educate them.”

Turich did note that having a familiar relationship with a Midwest Express Clinic provider helps a great deal with easing the angst that surrounds regular check-ups. In short, it just helps when you know your doctor or nurse practitioner.

“Each visit starts to get a little bit easier once you start to build that relationship,” Turich said. “It’s also your right as a patient to let us know when you feel uncomfortable or nervous, and we can talk through it and create a more comfortable space and overall visit so you can get the proper care​ you need."

Turich and other Midwest Express Clinic professionals encourage patients to keep track of when they’re due for regular check-ups so they don’t miss appointments and​ preventative care such as annual flu shots.

“Our providers are amazing, and they really care about their patients. Although Midwest Express Clinics are urgent care facilities, we also offer primary care as well, which keeps patients coming back to us,” said Kate Cunningham, Operations Manager for Midwest Express Clinics. “Whether they come to see us for the sniffles or their regular check-ups, we want our patients to develop a strong, trusting relationship with us.”

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