Midwest Express Clinics offer immediate care for occupational, advanced injuries

Midwest Express Clinics offer immediate care for occupational, advanced injuries

For many people, the initial reaction when they get hurt on the job – especially when blood or pain is involved – is to head to the nearest emergency room. But in Northwest Indiana, there may be a better option that is faster, more efficient, and less costly for immediate needs that aren’t emergent. Midwest Express Clinics offer walk-in care for occupational injuries or extensive care needs.

“Workplace injuries almost always need immediate attention,” said Kaitlyn Steinberg, FNP-BC. “It’s important to get our patients healed first and foremost, and it’s best for everyone when patients are treated quickly and efficiently so they can get back to work.”

Appointments are never necessary at Midwest Express Clinics for extensive care or injuries. Common injuries include burns; foreign body removal such as things that may get stuck in the skin, ears, or eyes; fractures or dislocations; cuts; and sprains and strains.

“Back and lifting injuries are some of the most common that we see coming from the workplace,” Steinberg said. “Prevention is key and learning proper lifting techniques is very important. But we know that injuries do happen and that they are extremely painful which can lead to missed work.”

Other common sprains and strains occur in the ankles.

“The most common home treatment for ankle sprains and strains is RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation,” Steinberg said.

Refrain from putting weight on the injured area for 24-48 hours, ice the affected area for 10-20 minutes about 3-4 times a day for the first 48 hours, wrap the affected area with an elastic bandage to increase stability and decrease swelling, and elevate the foot to prevent fluid from collecting in the area. Visit a Midwest Express Clinic urgent care if the pain and swelling haven’t subsided in 72 hours.

For cuts, puncture wounds, or lacerations, it’s important to get medical care right away so infection does not set in, Steinberg said. 

The most common workplace lacerations include cuts from machinery, puncture wounds from nails, and animal bites. Midwest Express Clinic professionals can clean, stitch, and bandage lacerations, or refer patients to local hospitals for more serious injuries if necessary. When visiting the clinic, let them know when and how the laceration happened, whether it was caused by an animal, and whether any other symptoms are occurring like weakness or numbness in other parts of the body. It’s always a good idea to have your medical history handy, and the care professionals at Midwest Express Clinics will help determine if a tetanus booster or other treatments are required.

Burns are a common workplace injury, especially in places with heavy food service options and heavy industry. Extreme burns are always treated in a hospital setting, but minor burns can effectively be treated at Midwest Express Clinics, so patients can avoid a costly and time-consuming ER visit.
Burns can occur from light, heat, chemicals, electricity, or friction, and need to be treated immediately. They are categorized in stages:

First degree burns are minor, causing skin redness and no blistering. These are easily treated at Midwest Express Clinics. Second-degree burns cause clear blisters, and may be treated at Midwest Express Clinics. However, extensive blistering should be treated in an emergency room.               

Third and fourth-degree burns cause extensive skin damage and can also permeate nerves and other vital tissues. They should always be treated in an emergency room.

Other advanced care needs, such as abdominal pain, abscesses and cysts, and asthma, can also be checked out by a Midwest Express Clinic medical staff member on a walk-in basis.

“Patients are finding this is a convenient option when they cannot get into their family doctor on a walk-in basis,” Steinberg said. “It’s always less costly to use urgent care instead of the emergency room for these types of injuries, and we are happy to help the community get proper treatment, healed, and back to work in that respect – quickly and efficiently.”

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