Michael Radford Takes Title “President Mr. VHS” at Mr. VHS Competition

Michael Radford Takes Title “President Mr. VHS” at Mr. VHS Competition
By: Lisa Stojanovich Last Updated: April 2, 2016

Mr. VHS is a time honored tradition at Valparaiso High School, but with this year’s pageant modeled after the country’s current election season 18 senior boys were competing to be crowned President Mr. VHS. Participants were sponsored by their extracurriculars, and represented everything from sports teams to language clubs. The pageant, held on April 2, served as a fundraiser for VHS student council.

The coveted title was awarded to Michael Radford by a panel of 3 judges. “I’m so excited to win. There are so many talented boys in the show, I couldn’t believe it,” Radford said gripping a bouquet of flowers and donning a golden crown.

The show kicked off with a choreographed dance routine, and lots of denim shorts. After a week of 6am practices with choreographer Molly Vass, the boys treated the crowd to a medley of kicking, twerking, whipping, and nae nae-ing.

“The boys did a really nice job,” said Kelly Snoyeink, VHS Biology Teacher and Student Council Leader “It was a lot of fun, the crowd seemed to like it. It gives people who aren’t typically on stage a chance to show off some skills.”

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A picture slideshow offered individual introductions of the participants and was followed by the Towel Wear portion. The seniors were required to incorporate a towel into their personal presentations with their female escorts. Afterwards, the boys showed off their skills with the talent portion. There was singing, dancing, and even kazooing; each contestant proving why they deserved their spot in the pageant.

This year’s contestants were: Jake Bryan (Support Our Troops Club), John Buggelm (Orchestra), Danny Dalton (S.A.A.C), Jacob Devine (Model UN), Aaron Finley (Cross Country), Jack Gabrish (Juggling Club), John Gast (Calculus Club), Jack Healey (Power Lifting Club), Eric Hess (Natural Helpers), Joe Keenan (French Club), Aaron King (German Club), Austin Line (Wrestling), Matt Mayes (Football), Ethan McChristian (Track and Field), Konnor Minko (Student Council), Mikey Nieto (Varsity SIngers), John Nowosad (Latin Club), Sam Nowosad (Band), Michael Radford (Concert Choir), Christian Sayers (Speech and Debate), Isaiah Smith (National Honor Society), and Paris Sark (Drama Club).

“These boys are so charismatic and funny, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself,” said Student Council President, Olivia Murray. Murray and President of Junior Class, Lexi Lahey, emceed the show and helped to organize stage exits and entrances.

While judges deliberated who to crown, the audience was treated to talented performances by some of VHS’s female performers. Julia Amones, Kameron Love, and Kate Sarver danced, played piano, and sang respectively.

So what motivates the contestants? “My friends were doing it,” said Konnor Minko, Mr Student Council, “and I have a lot of Viking pride and wanted to show my school spirit off to everyone.”