MHS freshmen earn delicious rewards

MHS freshmen earn delicious rewards

Several Merrillville High School freshmen enjoyed a special breakfast Friday to celebrate their successes.

Assistant Principal Tim James cooked up a custom breakfast for each student, taking their individual orders and serving up bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes and fruit as a reward for their outstanding work during the third trimester in Freshman Academy.

"One of the baselines of the Freshman Academy is relationship-building, which was difficult to do virtually for the first two trimesters," said Paul Trembacki, English teacher. "These students have made dramatic strides since August, showing they have what it takes to set themselves up for success."

Trembacki said the students showed positive behavior, followed the rules, were respectful, and pushed for academic success and good grades, all part of the criteria their teachers used to nominate them to enjoy this delicious reward.  

Some of the students who were recognized included: Angel Bustamante, Madison Crawford, Ashley Gillis, Braylon King, and Cjay Porter.

Merrillville High School's Freshman Academy provides additional academic support and resources to students in order to help improve student achievement and renew their interest in school. The academy serves about 15% of the freshmen class and focuses on math, English and science.

While he was cooking, James also served up custom breakfasts for teachers, security staff and library staff to commemorate National Library Week.