Merrillville Schools Support Red for Ed

Merrillville-Schools-Support-Red-for-Ed-2018November 7th started the Merrillville School Corporation's first Wednesday wearing Red for Ed. Mr. Brown, Superintendent and the MCTA have developed a plan to support the Wear Red to Support Public Education initiative.

Mr. Brown recently sent an email to all staff with the following: "The challenges to educators and public schools are mounting. We can meet these challenges head on with the support of the growing Wear Red for Ed movement."

As David Hogg, survivor of the Parkland school shooting said, "What the Red for Ed movement has shown us is that when members and non-members, parents, communities, and students stand together, we are a formidable force and together we can fight and win."

Mr. Brown invited everyone to wear red every Wednesday until the end of this legislative session (March 2019).

In Merrillville Community School Corporation, we are "raising voices together for our students for our schools and for ourselves as educators."