Merrillville Intermediate Science class Receives GoPros in 2015

Merrillville_Intermediate__Science_class-1Congratulations to Merrillville Intermediate School Science Teacher Dan Schiefer as he receives a great addition to his classroom, GoPro Cameras! About 6 months ago, Schiefer took a few minutes out of his day to sign up for a great organization called where he had to talk a bit about himself and a whole lot about what why he is needing the GoPro cameras for classroom . Schiefer stated "It is our hope that we can use the GoPro cameras to document discoveries, investigate, as well as record experiments and projects fromstart to finish. My students can then edit footage and photos with the included software. By doing so, they will be able to fulfill a crucial portion of STEM, which is sharing and presenting their projects. In the fall of 2015 our school will be shifting our way of thinking and developing a Project Based Learning portion of our curriculum and aiming to becoming a STEM certified school within the next five years.

PBL is a way to give students more creative control in the classroom and inspire them to think outside the box in order to solve problems.

Schiefer has been a Teacher with the Merrillville Schools since 2003 and expresses his gratitude stating, "Thank you to all those who helped make this for making this project possible, You have no idea what doors have just opened up for my classes!