Meet Adam Ruckman: Purdue University Northwest Student Interning with REGIONAL Federal Credit Union

REGIONAL-Adam-RuckmanAdam Ruckman is a Hebron native and full-time student at the Hammond Campus of Purdue University Northwest. In addition to attending school, Adam interns for the Hammond Branch of REGIONAL Federal Credit Union to gain hands-on experience for his future career.

“I am currently in school and studying computer information systems and management. After this semester I only have two more required courses to finish, then I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree,” stated Adam. “I am interning as an IT specialist here at Regional Federal Credit Union. I started interning for Regional Federal Credit Union right after Thanksgiving in 2016 and will be here until the end of March.”

Regional Federal Credit Union is all about giving experience to students through internships, so they can excel in their future careers.

“I come in twice a week - Mondays and Fridays - and have already learned so much. I love how I have been given this opportunity to gain job experience before I plunge into actually having a career in the field. It’s really nice to get the job experience and learn things about the job.” said Adam.

Adam believes that the most valuable experience he has gained thus far from this internship is being able to jump in and help people with what they need.

“I think the most valuable experience I have gained so far is just simply working with other people, but also explaining computer stuff to other people and troubleshooting their computer problems.”

After Adam graduates from Purdue University Northwest, he hopes to find a job working with computers, but also has a long-term goal in mind.

“Eventually, after I graduate and have built up more experience in my career, my long term goal is to become a network administrator,” stated Adam.

Outside of Adam’s busy schedule of attending school and interning for REGIONAL Federal Credit Union, Adam enjoys eating out and playing video games.

“I am pretty busy with school and interning, so when I have free time, that is what I like to do.”

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