MCHS students complete Horizon Bank Financial Literacy Program

MCHS students complete Horizon Bank Financial Literacy Program

Horizon Bank recently completed its second annual “Making Your Dreams Come True” financial workshops for Early College students at Michigan City High School.

The nine-week program covered the history of banking, budgeting, marketing, human resources, and lending -- exposing students not only to financial literacy concepts but to Banking as a potential career field.

On Monday, February 24, a ceremony was held to recognize the 22 students who completed the program. During the event, student teams gave presentations about mock businesses they had formed using skills they learned during the workshop series. The mock businesses included:

  • TAPE -- Taking Amazing Photos Everywhere -- an affordable photography company
  • The Banana Hangars -- a device to keep bananas fresh longer
  • Jazari Mall -- a plan to revitalize the former Marquette Mall with Pepsi as a sponsor
  • Bankery -- a non-profit organization to provide jobs, food, and other services to those in need.

Three students received AirPods for going “above and beyond” during the presentations. They included:

  • Dane Kniola – Outstanding Interviewer, 
  • Skylar Henderson, designated CEO for Bankery -- Passion for Business
  • Jaedyn Benning, designated CEO for Jazari -- Leadership. 

All students who participated in the course received a certificate, a $25 gift card, and a multi-charger cable.

Yolanda Davis, Horizon Bank Vice President and Community Reinvestment Act Officer, expressed Horizon’s commitment to financial literacy and thanked the students for their hard work. Jim Neff, Horizon President, thanked MCHS administrators and staff for the partnership, noting that he hoped students would become interested in banking and possibly seek employment at Horizon after college.