McColly Real Estate Provides Global Coverage Through Leading RE

McColly Real Estate Provides Global Coverage Through Leading RE

With only a 20% acceptance rate after being invited to apply for the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network (LeadingRE), checking all of the boxes to become a member is no small accomplishment. This is why McColly Real Estate is proud to have been both invited to apply to LeadingRE and accepted as a member of the worldwide network of independent real estate companies. Through this membership, McColly Real Estate is widely capable of helping customers not only locally but also nationally and globally.

“Our favorite part is the supporting infrastructure that we get from LeadingRE, and the companies  we associate with include some of the best and most-recognized independent real estate brokerage brands in the nation,” said Drew Ranich, Director of Relocation & Referrals and Director of Broker Relations. “The companies who belong to the network are always in the top five in their market (although usually higher) and we are proud to meet this standard year after year .”

When the needs of customers extend beyond Northwest Indiana, Chicago Southland, and Central Illinois, McColly Real Estate can tap into LeadingRE’s network to ensure its customers receive the help they need to sell or purchase the perfect property. 

“Within our network, we have an exchange platform that we communicate through,” Ranich said. “A lot of times, it's markets that I'm familiar with through past experience. When a company is in our network, they have a dedicated Director, so that's who I would reach out to. That Director would put them in touch with the agent they think would be the best fit based on information we are given from our agent sending the referral.” In 2021 the McColly Relocation Department closed over 100 outgoing referrals equalling over $28 million in sales volume. McColly Real Estate was nominated for the prestigious Diamond Award, presented to companies whose Relocation and Referrals Departments are ranked among the very top of the network based on sales volume and closing percentages. 

Being a member of LeadingRE also allows McColly Real Estate agents the opportunity to attend an annual conference in Las Vegas, Nev. Every year, McColly Real Estate gives away trips to Vegas for the conference.

Tracy Parus on the "Managing the Chaos" panel

Each closed outgoing referral is an entry for that agent to win. This year, McColly Real Estate gave away five trips for the LeadingRE Limitless Agent Summit. 

“All in all, we had 20 people from McColly Real Estate attend,” said Heather McColly, Director of Career Development and the New Homes Division. “We were honored to have Tracy Parus, McColly Real Estate General Manager, speak on a conference-wide panel about “Managing the Chaos” and share different tools and techniques we use.”

Marketing Director Lionel Sanchez noted that McColly Real Estate made another significant appearance at the conference as it was a finalist for a website award commending the site's advanced ILM process and response time. Sanchez’s department also received the Website Quality Certification (WQM) for

“We're proud to be independent and we’re proud to be in this network which grants us the ability to help our customers anywhere. It’s also a huge advantage to be able to collaborate and grow with other independent companies,” McColly said.

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