Marty Terry Employee Spotlight – Teachers Credit Union

Marty Terry Employee Spotlight – Teachers Credit Union

Martin Terry, known more often as Marty, is the man you need to talk to for any and all financial issues. With over 30 years of experience in the mystical realms of finance, Terry has dealt with it all. While he now resides as a Financial Planner at Teachers Credit Union, Terry has experience in personal finance, trust funds, and investments. In his role as a Financial Planner, Terry deals with clients every day and takes pride in the culture at Teachers Credit Union, where all of the staff make it their responsibility to see their clients succeed financially.

Marty grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and Toledo, Michigan. He lived there throughout his childhood and would later go on to graduate from college with his degree in Finance from Central Michigan University. Although he admits he had “dreams of being a park ranger freshman year” he would eventually go on to get his master’s in finance as well. His first job out of college was at National Bank in downtown Detroit, which after several years would grow and change names to become J.P. Morgan Chase.

While Terry has had multiple years dealing with trusts, family financial planning, and pension funds, he said learning additional information about investments has been the most interesting. He enjoys the nature of the finance roller coaster, seeing how the numbers fluctuate and how to better prepare customers to set up money to work for them down the road. The most rewarding part of Marty’s job is guiding clients who might not firmly understand financial planning and help set them up for financial success.

Since Marty joined Teachers Credit Union back in October 2019, he has noticed differences in the way TCU helps their clients. Teachers Credit Union is different, where employees are not caught between helping out a client or making sure they are getting paid. Some of the other benefits of TCU include no consulting fees and being able to consult a financial planner free of charge.

And while Terry is especially equipped to help you out with your financial matters, he’s even more helpful behind a fishing rod on the shores between Lake Michigan and Green Bay, Wisconsin. In his off-time Marty enjoys the beauty that can be found in the Midwest, particularly in the areas like Door County, Wisconsin and Potato Creek State Park here in Indiana. One of his favorite spots in Door County is the Peninsula State Park he says, “which jets out into Lake Michigan and you can watch the sun rise and set” from the comfort of your campsite. Terry also enjoys biking, hiking, fishing, and camping with his wife and children.

Marty Terry is above all, a devoted family man. Over the years Marty and his wife have adopted 12 children into their lives, loving them immensely and showing them how to properly ride a bike and bait a fishing hook.

When Terry is not spending time with his beloved family, he loves devoting his time at his local church, especially within in the financial committee and the school board. Whenever there is a difficult time in life, Terry relies on his family and his faith to guide him through. Marty speaks fondly of his favorite biblical verse Romans 8.28.

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