Marram Health Center provides healthcare to all regardless of ability to pay

Marram Health Center provides healthcare to all regardless of ability to pay

Named after the dune grass that grows along Lake Michigan, Marram Health Center knows that living a healthy life is the best way to create a community. 

Spurred by its mission to provide convenient, person-centered care, Marram focuses first on access. Today Marram Health Center can be found across Lake and Porter Counties. 

“We have locations in Gary, Hebron, and Portage,” Marram Director Jodi Ortiz said. “All our locations take walk-ins, and our Gary and Hebron locations offer evening hours.”

Marram facilities are more than a doctor’s office. As a federally certified healthcare provider, Marram includes primary, behavioral, and dental health. 

“Marram supports all aspects of health care,” said Ortiz. “Whether it be their physical well-being, mental well-being, or social well-being.  We are here for the patient, and we will do whatever it takes for them to leave feeling better about their plan of care.”

Ortiz believes that this focus on the patient is one of the key reasons that makes Marram stand out. 

“Our health care providers are given the ability to spend the necessary time needed with their patients in order to provide them with the best care possible,” Ortiz said. 

To do this, Marram staff check in frequently with patients proactively. 

“We are very consistent and proactive in reaching out to our patients and helping keep them focused on their health care needs,” Ortiz said. “This is especially true when they have medications that may have been changed, or if they have a new diagnosis.”

Beyond receiving mental, physical, and dental care in one location, Marram also provides in-office pharmacies at both the Gary and Portage locations. This easy access allows patients to get their medication immediately after their visit. 

“At Marram, we are here for our patients and support whatever they may be going through,” Ortiz said. “They are not in this alone.”

By putting patients first Marram strives to provide service to all–regardless of their ability to pay. 

“We do not want to deter anyone from seeking health care,” Ortiz said. “Our vision is to make certain that all patients are provided the same health care no matter how the bill is paid.”

Marram’s outreach team supports this message by going out into the community, providing healthcare information, and working alongside other community organizations. 

“Our outreach team plays a significant role in educating the community on ways that Marram can assist in providing a healthier community,” Ortiz said. “They participate in many community events and collaborate with outside agencies to work together to assist the needs of the community.”

In August Marram hosted a Back-To-School Fest. During the fest, Marram provided a free lunch to participants as well as hosted local providers and gave away school supplies. 

Similarly, Marram became one of the first primary care facilities in the area to provide autism evaluations and diagnoses for children ages 14-48 months. 

“Marram assists patients by providing affordable health care and taking care of you through every step of the process,” Ortiz said.

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