Lubeznik Center for the Arts and Leeds Public House Join Forces through Leeds’s Project Heart Initiative

Lubeznik Center for the Arts and Leeds Public House Join Forces through Leeds’s Project Heart Initiative

 Lubeznik Center for the Arts (LCA) is proud to announce its participation in Leeds Public House monthly Project Heart Initiative. Shining a light on the importance of art and its impact on community, Leeds Public House is honoring LCA by creating a Libations for Donations specialty cocktail called Midnight Moon Bath. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sales of this dreamy cocktail will be donated to LCA in support of its mission to integrate art, education, and community through compelling, world-class art exhibitions and interactive programs for all ages.

“Lubeznik Center for the Arts believes art is for everyone,” says Dee Cook, LCA’s Marketing Director, in a joint statement, adding: “We’re proud to be highlighted in Leeds’s Project Heart Initiative this month and grateful, in turn, to LCA’s generous community partners and foundations like Duneland Health Council, Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, The Dolly Fund and the Unity Foundation of La Porte County that provide scholarships to students of all ages, including those with limited abilities at no cost.

Owner of Leeds Public House, Denise Burns says, “art colors our world in so many ways, and the beauty of integrating art and culture unifies people, giving them the opportunity to share experiences that inspire imagination and innovation. Lubeznik Center for the Arts embodies this community spirit.” 

“LCA continues to adhere to strict Covid-19 guidelines,” says, Executive Director, Janet Bloch. “Despite our many challenges in 2020, the pandemic brought out the best in LCA’s staff. Our ability to reimagine and re-strategize our approach to engagement at every level has allowed us to perfect online learning, and take a more comprehensive approach to our exhibitions by giving small, group tours that allow for in-depth conversations, and opportunities for everyone to share in spontaneous feedback and stimulating discussions."

“We’re grateful for the generosity of Leeds Public House,” Bloch added. “I hope everyone will go try a Midnight Moon Bath in March!”
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If you would like to set up a small, group tour for LCA’s current exhibition, Lost and Looking, contact Janet Bloch at (219) 874-4900 Ext. 201
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