Looking back on moving forward – Graduation memories from the Region

Looking back on moving forward – Graduation memories from the Region

Graduation season has come to an end, but the memories can last a lifetime. No matter when or where you graduated, it’s always exciting to take a look back on your final moments of school and see how much has changed since moving the tassel.

It’s even better when you can look back on pictures alongside the memories. We’ve been traveling all over the Region consistently covering high school and college graduations since 2014, and we have thousands of photos of captured moments.

Check out some fun memories from some community and staff members’ graduations below, and see if you can find yourself in our huge library of graduation photos.

Lauren Grasham - Wheeler High School, 2015

“When I graduated from high school, I remember it being bittersweet as I was about to say goodbye to a class (of about 120/130 people) and school I’ve come to know so well over the past four years, but was also super excited about what was yet to come and all the wonderful opportunities I would have now that I had my high school diploma. It was a fun day nonetheless and it meant a lot to be able to say that I was now a high school graduate.”

2015 Graduation Station: https://nwi.life/article/2015-northwest-indiana-graduation-station/ 

Kris Taylor - Indiana University Northwest, 2013

“My best memory of graduation was when I got my bachelor's degree in 2013. I drove straight to see my grandpa at the nursing home in my cap and gown since he couldn’t come to my graduation. I worked hard to get to that point. I was working two jobs, taking care of my mom who had ovarian cancer, and my two babies. The biggest thing I wanted to do was show my grandpa that I accomplished a goal we talked about despite obstacles in my life.”

Chris Mahlmann - St. Viator High School, 1983

"I graduated high school about to be married and looking forward to my first son being born. Excited to leave childhood behind and go all in on being an adult."

Megan Rose - 2016 Graduate

“I graduated in 2016, for a personal memory I thought I was never going to walk across the stage with my class due to cap and gown payments but someone in the school made it happen! I was also very thankful for the staff allowing a tribute to a classmate who had passed away. His parents even walked across the stage to get his diploma! It was a beautiful thing that happened and I was so glad to be a part of that graduating class.”

2016 Graduation Station: https://nwi.life/article/2016-northwest-indiana-graduation-station/ 

Emily Kozina - Lowell High School, 2018

“When I graduated in 2018, I thought it was a bittersweet moment because all I was able to think about was I grew up with all these people and we are all going our separate ways. One good memory was that me and my elementary school best friend sat down next to each other, and then right after, we stood up and checked each other (like fixing our caps) before we walked on the stage. That moment was one of my favorites. But now, as I graduate from college this fall, I think back on all the friends and memories I've made throughout these four years and before that are still along this crazy ride.”

2018 Graduation Station: https://nwi.life/article/2018-northwest-indiana-graduation-station/ 

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