Links of the Week: Cutting the Cord, Super Bowl Coaches, and How to Lose 125 Pounds

links-of-the-week-dxWe’re cutting the cord.

This week, my wife and I made the decision to dump traditional television and join the growing group of people who rely on Netflix, Hulu, Chromecast and all the streaming services on the web to get our entertainment.

I’ve almost always had cable or satellite television. Even down at college, I pushed my roommates to splurge on the big TV packages so we could make sure we had ESPN 89. Not to be too hipster-y, I was big on DVR the second I heard about it. I used to go on marathons with my wife watching shows like Parks & Recreation, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Breaking Bad, Mad Men. I used to hate-watch Entourage. Now that I am typing this all out, it’s pretty clear I watched too much television.

Over the past year or two, I really stopped watching most TV. I tend to watch live NBA games and maybe something like Shark Tank. My wife opts for re-runs of late 80’s sitcoms. Roseanne is her jam. But that show is also streaming.

So before we get to the Links of the Week, I’m putting it out to the readers - what services should or shouldn’t I pay for? What apps, dongles, or hubs should I get? I hate Apple products - do I get Apple TV? What shows should we watch?

Before you answer, here are your Links of the Week.

After watching the Spurs - Warriors game on Monday night, this impression of Every Stephen Curry 3-pointer is dead-on hilarious. [@Famouslos32  via The Big Lead]

My favorite thing I read this week belongs to’s Bill Barnwell (/pours out drink for on his struggles with his weight. His journey took him from 240 pounds, up to 335 pounds, back to 170, then back to 330. Spoiler: he is down to 206. Great read about discipline and putting in the work. [Medium]

Ever want to know why your iPhone’s default search is Google? Google paid Apple $1 Billion. [Bloomberg]

Because its the internet and we love links - Every Super Bowl Coach in History, Ranked. Ditka is WWWWWWAAYYYY too low. [Sports on Earth]

This year, the NBA will begin its takeover of Saturday nights by airing eight marquee games during prime time to pique people’s attention now that college football is over. I love it. [AdWeek]

In a world where many print publishers are dwindling, one - Philadelphia Magazine - is thriving. Carve out some time for this one. [The Awl via Longreads]

This one is, well, umm cool? Chicago has a ton of public information, and they released a new tool that lets you find out just about everything you could possibly want to know about the City by the Lake. I tried a few queries and - well, it may be beyond my pay grade. [Wired]

Kudos to The Verge for having the stones to assert that the Windows Phone is “dead’. Way to step out on the ledge and make a claim! [The Verge]

You may have heard, but Blake Griffin may have had a rough week. (Won't link here, but Google works, folks.) Zach Lowe writes that the Clippers should definitely not trade him. But maybe they should? Yes they should. Not. Maybe? [ESPN]

Our "Improve Yo' Self" Post of the Week comes from HBR: “To Get Better at Your Job, Work Practice into Your Routine. [Harvard Business Review]

Jimmy Kimmel is the best. Shaq's tie is a close second. Have a good weekend.