Jacob’s Ladder’s “Lights Up, Sound Down” Provides A New Experience

Jacob’s Ladder’s “Lights Up, Sound Down” Provides A New Experience
By: Jennifer Chavarria Last Updated: February 18, 2017

On Saturday, February 18th, Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation held their monthly "Lights Up, Sound Down" movie screening event]. Starting off with a tailored movie showing for children with special needs and/or sensory issues, "Lights Up, Sound Down" also includes lunch, crafts and activities.

“There are quite a few children who come through who have never been able to see a movie before because they aren’t able to tolerate the sound being so loud or they get scared when it’s dark. Not only are the kids having a ball because they can finally see a movie, the parents are just thrilled,” Cindy Withrow, Jacob's Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation Manager, said.

This event was organized by the Junior Board, a group of teenage volunteers for Jacob's Ladder. While the children were in the movie, the volunteers helped prepare the games, crafts and food.

“We’re like the second level. They planned out the whole event for us [and] one of us decided all the activities. We set up, we attend [and] we help out,” Junior Board member Jennie Moran said.

Aside from the movie and games, the children also enjoy having a safe space for them to run around and play. Volunteers make sure to create an environment where children can enjoy themselves and parents can relax knowing they are safe.

“They love coming up here and having the freedom to run. They like being able to move around and not have to be worried about being told ‘slow down’ or ‘don’t do that,’” Withrow said.

The admission cost is $5 per person, which helps cover the cost of food and activities. To make this event more affordable and accessible, there are sponsorship opportunities that start at $300 and come with many benefits. For more information, you can contact Candace Arvin at CArvin@jacobskids.org or call (844) 896-0235.

If you would like to donate, go to http://www.jacobskids.org/?page_id=69. If you would like to volunteer for future events, visit http://www.jacobskids.org/?page_id=78.