Lifer tips on how to calm your pets this 4th of July

Lifer tips on how to calm your pets this 4th of July

“I give my dog Hudson the most attention during times of stress. I give him peanut butter and his favorite foods. He loves bubbles, so I will also blow some bubbles for him.” -Sarah D.


“If you have outdoor pets, consider bringing them inside for the evening. This will help them stay calm and safe. An internal room in the house or basement will be most quiet and they will enjoy some indoor time with the family.” -Jenny


“Make sure to play with your animals so they get exercise before evening fireworks--they will be ready to sleep by the end of the day.  Leave pets inside and keep a radio or TV on to drown out the noise. If your pet has anxiety - visit your vet for further assistance!” -Mandy

“The fourth of July can be very stressful for most dogs, so it’s important to plan ahead. Thankfully, my dog, a Great Dane puppy named Hendrix, isn’t too afraid of loud noises. However, when he does seem to be on edge, I give him ‘Chill+Out’ Hemp soft chewy treats. I also just try to be near him as much as possible in order to calm him and let him know he’s not alone. Simply sitting on the floor with him does the trick most of the time.” -Julia


“My pup Breaker needs lots of words of affirmation—I guess you could call that one of her “love languages,” even though she can’t necessarily say anything back. So I like to talk to her and give her reassuring pats when she seems tense due to fireworks. I also keep her thunder shirt handy, a bag of the “calming” treats her vet recommended, and offer the occasional lick of dairy-free ice cream pops she has a fondness for (they make for a nice distraction from the stress).” -Kayla


Cosmo is deaf so the noise from the fireworks doesn’t really bother him. If we go out to watch the show, we usually give him pet-approved CBD drops with plenty of treats, and make sure he can lie down somewhere where he can see and/or touch both of us." -Sarah C.

Honey and Bingley Fitzwilliam

“I use essential oils. I take one to two drops (depending on the size of each dog) of lavender and mix with coconut oil in my hands, then rub it along the back of their head and down their spine. I also leave an essential oil diffuser with lavender and sometimes frankincense running in the room they’re in, but I do make sure they can leave the room in case the smell is too overpowering for them. They love it, however, and it keeps them calm and relaxed.” -Beth