Lifer’s Capture the Spirit of Soccer Season

Lifer’s Capture the Spirit of Soccer Season

Fall is a busy time for high school sports, and the Ideas in Motion Media team are out covering the action throughout the Region. Soccer may not get as much attention as football or basketball, but it’s full of kids playing their hearts out and striving for just as much perfection.

An elegant game, the sport requires coordination, teamwork, and a high level of athleticism. The skills earned at practice and on the field go far beyond kicking a ball. Players build a strong appreciation for their team, enjoying the moment, and taking everything in stride, even the disappointment.

We asked some of our staff what their favorite part of soccer coverage has been so far, and this is what they had to say:

Kaitlin Horgash: I enjoyed photographing the soccer games because it made me feel like I was back in high school again, with all of the fans cheering and the night lights over the field. All of the teams played their hearts out and showed great sportsmanship, which is important for every team player to do.

Kole Rushmore: I’ve truly enjoyed watching all of these teams compete against one another. You can feel their commitment & passion for the sport in every game. It’s great seeing teams care so much about each play, while also still being able to laugh and be kind to one another on the sidelines.

Curtis Hankins: For me, what makes covering high school sports special is how personal everything is. The fans cheering in the stands all know the kids out on the field; they’re not just cheering when their favorite player makes an incredible play. They’re cheering for their son, daughter, or best friend. There’s no money, rarely any national recognition, they’re just a bunch of kids putting their best out there for themselves, each other, and the sake of the game.

Chris Mahlmann: High school sports seasons come to an end, whether that be at the at sectionals or regionals or beyond, and it brings out the best in every player and team, win or lose. I had the opportunity to watch Michigan City hang in there through the rain and the mud during a losing game to Valpo where they were battling and having fun to the last minute of the game. The girls clearly had an understanding of what it is like to compete, have fun, and have good sportsmanship when they all eagerly jumped into the idea of taking a combined team pic, even though Valpo just won 9-0. Later that night, I witnessed a very gritty Portage team compete with every touch of the ball against a wildly talented Chesterton team that would just not let up. We witness the passion that they all pour onto the field and the range of emotions that come from one team moving on, and another finishing their season that night. These kids are learning so many lessons beyond how to kick a soccer ball. Lessons about winning and losing with class, and how important your team is around you whether you are up or down.

Soccer season has clearly had a major impact on the Life team. From watching these kids learn hard lessons to enjoying the spirit of the game, it’s been a fun season for all involved. If you’ve missed some of our game coverage, head over to our High School Sports page on SmugMug to view some of the toughest games this season!

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