Life at Spring Mill Health Campus: Three Residents Share their Experiences

Life at Spring Mill Health Campus: Three Residents Share their Experiences

Looking for a place for your parents to stay when they can no longer live alone is complicated. There are so many factors like room quality, staffing, medical assistance, activities, and community that it can become overwhelming. Tours, meetings, and pamphlets are all helpful, but the simplest thing to do is hear stories straight from residents of Spring Mill Health Campus, an elegant and modern assisted living facility located just minutes from hospitals and geriatric physicians.

Check out what Spring Mill residents Joan Neal, Elinor Parker, and Roosevelt Stout had to say about their time in the Spring Mill community.

First Impressions

“Nice isn’t a good enough word for how I was treated when I first arrived, they were just so good to me. It felt almost too good to be true, it was such a warm atmosphere where I was accepted as a person.” - Parker, a resident for just over 2 years.

On the Spring Mill Staff

“I feel like I have a good relationship with the staff, most of them want to know how you are every day and they’re always talking with us.” – Neal, a resident for 4 years.

“I feel appreciated and taken care of. It’s just amazing how everyone, when you go by, knows your first name. They’re always briefed on how best to help you individually. Plus, they’re always smiling and I can tell they’re smiling on the inside too and that they love their job.” – Parker

“I like the way people treat me here. I’ve always treated people the way I want to be treated, and that’s worked for me for 80 years, and I can tell that they do the same.” – Stout, a resident for over 6 months.

On the Community

“I feel like I’ve got a lot of friends here. I’m never lacking for things to do. We have bingo, crafts, and cooking. On Mondays we go out shopping, and every week on Wednesday we go out to eat.” – Neal

“There’s so much on the schedule that you can’t go to everything at one time. There are so many interesting events, I’ve gone on trips around the area that I probably wouldn’t have done if I were living on my own.” – Parker

“I live here, but I also volunteer. I didn’t want to just lay around and decided to get involved. I wanted to do something good and beneficial for the other people here. So now I distribute papers around in the mornings. You get to know a lot of them, and get along very well.” – Stout

On the Amenities

“My room is good, they clean it and do our laundry. The food can vary depending on your taste, but there’s a lot of variety and they always give choices. Like today they’re having pork, but I chose fish, and it’s all freshly cooked.” – Neal

“My favorite thing about being here is the food. I don’t have to cook for myself and they serve up some pretty good food.” - Stout

Final Thoughts

“I like it because while I could live with my children, they have their lives and my life is different. I can live here and maintain my independence without putting a burden on my family.” – Neal

“It’s just amazing how the staff takes care of us. I know they’re briefed on us and probably have something in writing somewhere, but they know quite a bit about us and not in a nosey kind of way. They just know how to best help us and I appreciate it.” – Parker

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