Levin Tire & Service Center: What is Leaking from my Car?

Levin-Tire-and-Service-Center-What-is-Leaking-from-my-CarWe’ve all been there before. You pull out of a parking spot and notice a big puddle under your car.

So what is that stuff? Should you be concerned? There are a number of fluids that can appear under your vehicle. Here’s how you can identify what those liquids are:

Water: When you run your air conditioning, condensation can form and drip through a rubber tube. This is common and shouldn’t raise any concerns.

Antifreeze: This can be dyed green, pink or orange and normally has a sweet smell.

Gasoline: Usually yellow or orange, gas has a distinct small that you will recognize right away. Remember, gasoline is highly flammable so a leak should be repaired right away.

Motor oil: Normally honey colored, motor oil is very slippery when you rub it between your fingers.

Brake fluid: This is a slippery liquid that is yellow and appears hazy.

Transmission fluid: This substance will feel slippery like motor oil but will have a purplish-red tint.

Levin Tire and Services can repair any leak your vehicle may have. Call your nearest Levin Tire location today or schedule an appointment online.