Let Levin Tire & Service Center Handle Your Auto Repair Needs This Fall

NewLogoAs we head into fall and begin the season of travelling to see family and friends for the holidays, it’s important to take care of your car. Family gatherings can be stressful enough, and adding car trouble to the mix is bound to make it even worse. But there’s no need to sweat with Levin Tire & Service Center by your side!

From tires to batteries, Levin Tire & Service Center is full of the expertise and knowledge you need to keep your car moving. Whether it’s a simple oil change or some more complicated fuel system issues, their staff is able to get you moving again. Take a look at some of the services they offer outside the realm of tires!

Engine: From a check engine light to a tuneup, Levin has you covered when the engine is out of whack. Don’t forget to have them replace the spark plugs when it’s time, as well!

Fuel System: If it’s time to clean the fuel system or replace the filter, talk to your friends at Levin and get that taken care of straightaway!

Belts and Hoses: Heater hose, radiator hose, serpentine belt, or timing belt, Levin can handle them all. If you’ve got a squeak or a leak, give them a call to see what they can do for you.

Lighting: If your lights are dim, flickering, or just burnt out, don’t risk being left in the dark! Levin’s technicians can get those changed for you to be sure you can drive safely down the streets.

Suspension System: A bumpy ride just won’t do. If you’re noticing issues with shocks and struts, ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, or the control arm, or have no idea what any of that means, it’s O.K.! Levin knows and can get those issues taken care of for you.

Filters: Cabin air, air, and oil filters need to be clean to keep things running smoothly!

Fluid Exchange: Whether you need to change out the fuel system, cooling system, transmission fluid, brake system, or power steering system, Levin’s got it.

Batteries and Electrical system: A visit to friends or family can’t begin with a car that won’t start. Make sure your battery, alternator, starter, and charging systems are all up to snuff before you head out this fall!

That seems like a ton of services, but Levin offers even more! Check them out here to learn what other services they offer. If you want to be sure your holiday season is as simple as can be, head over and let Levin Tire & Service Center take care of your vehicle needs.