Levin Tire, Investing In Northwest Indiana Since 1918

Barry Levin“Our company started in 1918, in Gary, IN.”

That’s how the conversation started with Levin Tire Owner, Barry Levin. Confirming a fact that seems almost too incredible to believe. It says something, though, about Levin Tire and the community of Northwest Indiana that a family-owned and operated business can thrive in The Region for close to a century.

But after all, as Levin puts it, “one of our keys to success has been the ability to evolve”.

In 1918, Levin started out as a company that sold gasoline. Back then, customers didn’t just pull up to the pump, throw their credit card into a slot, and drive off from the station without ever speaking to another living soul. Back then, when a car pulled into the station an attendant had to hand roll the pump out to the car to fill it up.

Back then, staying sustainable as a gas business wasn’t just about having the cheapest prices flash across some big board. It was about making relationships that would keep the few cars out on the road coming back to the station.

Levin Tire has evolved from pumping gas to tires and repairs, but what has remained constant throughout their evolution is their dedication to the community and the customers they serve.

Even now, when Barry now handles more of the administration aspects of the business, he’s never too busy to sit down and talk with someone who walks through the doors of any of their locations.

“Sometimes I’ll walk by and see a customer I’ve worked with before, and we’ll just sit down and talk for awhile,” Levin said.

But a 97-year relationship with Northwest Indiana can’t just begin and end with a commitment to the best customer service. That’s a big part of it, yes. But relationships that last this long involve big investments. And at Levin Tire, they’re “all in” on three things: Their customers. Their community. And their employees.

Levin Tire’s hiring process might be a little longer, and a little tougher than most tire companies. But that’s because the employees they hire are people they want to stick around for life.

And Levin is willing to invest everything he can in his employees to do so.

“We provide the best training and the most modern equipment,” Said Levin.


“You can be someone’s best buddy, but if their car doesn’t get returned in working order, they’re not coming back,” Levin added. “At Levin Tire, we think of it that if someone walks into our shop to get their car fixed that getting it done right is only the minimum expectation.”

High standards, yes. But Levin Tire is too invested in the community of Northwest Indiana to provide anything less than exceptional service. Barry and his employees dedicate their time to charities, and they sponsor Little League teams all over The Region.

“A big part of our business is serving the community,” Said Levin.

But most importantly, they live here. Northwest Indiana is where Levin Tire has called home for 97 years, and Northwest Indiana is where you’ll continue to find Levin Tire and its employees for years to come.