Levin Tire Employee Spotlight: Justin Pfrommer

Levin Tire Employee Spotlight: Justin Pfrommer

First impressions matter. Greetings matter. 

Justin Pfrommer, a service writer at Levin Tires’ Highland branch, knows this better than most. 

Pfrommer greets every customer with a smile, patience, and dedication to making their visit as easy as possible. 

“[I am] the first person a [customer] sees,” Pfrommer said. “I greet you as you come in and try to bridge the gap between the customer and technician.” 

Pfrommer has a system to make sure every customer is taken care of. 

“I make sure everyone gets a friendly greeting,” Pfrommer said. “Then I [work with the customer] to find out what the car is needing, the concern, or the problem that we're having. Then I write up a description that allows the technicians to inspect the car. [Finally] once we find out what exactly is going on, I create the price estimate and review it with the guests.”

Working with cars has been a lifelong passion of Pfrommer’s. It’s a family business. 

“Both my grandpa and my uncle worked at a tire shop,” Pfrommer said. “They were more on the mechanic side of it while I’m on the greeter side [of the business].”

Additionally, Pfrommer loves to take things apart and see how to put them together again in his free time. 

“'I’ve always had an interest in vehicles,” Pfrommer said. “[I enjoy] taking stuff apart and getting it back together again.” 

This passion fits Pfrommer well. He’s worked in the automotive industry for over a decade. 

“I’ve been revolving my life around the car and automotive industry,” Pfrommer said. “I was with a Hyundai dealership for 10 years before [working at Levin Tire]. I worked at a few quick lube businesses as well.” 

In his spare time, Pfrommer can be found tinkering around on his vehicles. 

“I was working on my motorcycle a little bit,” Pfrommer said. “It's a street-legal dirt bike that is ready to go now.”

When not at work, Pfrommer can also be found spending time with his family and his beloved dog Luna. 

To see Pfrommer and his colleagues, head to Levin Tire in Highland at 9500 Indianapolis Boulevard, Highland, Indiana.