Levin Tire Educates Women on Proper Car Care

Levin Tire in Highland hosted their first ever Women’s Car Care Clinic Saturday, October 12th. The clinic welcomed in 40 women from the surrounding area to educate them about car maintenance essentials in a friendly environment.

Before I knew about car care, I didn’t take care of my car properly. I ended up putting thousands of dollars into it,” said Levin Tire’s Marketing Director Rachel Shropshire. “I had no idea how to properly do maintenance—easy maintenance like oil changes, flushes, tire rotations, simple things that are pretty inexpensive in the long run and really save money. It is an important investment to take care of your car properly. Hopefully that is what the women here today will gain from this by learning how to properly maintain their vehicle,” said Shropshire.

Experts in the industry manned four stations that were set up at the clinic to teach the women about general aspects of car maintenance. The women learned about brakes and suspension, tire issues, car fluids, and check engine lights. They were also taught what types of noises to listen for that might indicate a problem and how to jump a car battery safely.

Ultimately, over 55% of women now are in charge of their own car care,” said Levin’s Quality Assurance Coordinator Laura Stephenson. “We thought it would be a great way to touch base with women because our clientele is 75% male.”

Known for their excellent service, Levin Tire also wanted to show the comfortable, helpful, and friendly environment they provide for their customers. One of the perks of going to Levin is a courtesy shuttle that is provided for customers if they need a ride while their car is being repaired. Perhaps the best comfort service the company provides are their above and beyond efforts to communicate and educate their customers about issues with their car.

Our service advisors and service in general is top notch. We’re not like any other repair shop,” said Shropshire. “We take women out to the shop when they need repair service. We want them to trust us. We’re not like those other repair shops who say you need $2000 worth of work and take your money. We’re going to go in detail. We’re going to explain everything to you,” she said.  

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