Learn More About Your Local Water Supply

Learn More About Your Local Water Supply

Indiana is home to abundant water resources. Our great state is home to over 35,000 miles of streams and rivers, as well as 100,000 acres of public reservoirs and lakes and 50 miles of shoreline along the Great Lakes. Learn more about the water sources keeping your Hoosier home supplied with water, and where you can go for additional information.

What Is Hoosier Water Used For?

The water sources mentioned above are all surface water resources, as they are exposed above ground. These water sources are used to sustain industrial operations, agriculture, and the state’s energy production facilities. They also provide water for domestic use in homes, as well as in other types of businesses that Hoosiers depend on each day, including businesses in your community.

Underground water sources also serve Hoosier communities. Indiana American Water uses wellfields located above aquifers (underground water supplies) to provide approximately 60 percent of the water it delivers to Hoosier homes and businesses.

Conserving and Protecting Hoosier Water

Indiana American Water has been recognized many times by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for our efforts in source water protection. Our water systems exceed the state’s minimum standards regarding the protection of water sources and wellheads throughout Indiana.

We encourage our customers to practice water conservation in their homes and businesses as well. Our blog is just one resource we offer, full of conservation tips and information on making smarter choices to limit water pollution.

More Resources

The resources below allow you to access more information about issues affecting water quality and supply in your community.

  • For information on proper disposal of products that could contaminate water supplies, contact your Solid Waste Management District – visit www.recycle.IN.gov/5758.html for contact information.
  • Your local Purdue Extension office is a great resource for information on protecting wellheads and water quality in your community. Find your county’s extension office at www.ag.purdue.edu/extension/pages/countyoffices.aspx.

Indiana American Water is committed to protecting Hoosier water sources. We’ve implemented new technology and upgraded infrastructure to guarantee the delivery of clean, healthy water to your Indiana home or business. To learn more about how you can protect our water resources, visit us online at https://amwater.com/inaw/water-information/watershed-protection.