Leadership Life Series: Eric J. Holcomb, Governor of Indiana

Leadership Life Series: Eric J. Holcomb, Governor of Indiana
By: Aubrey Thomson, Naphtalia Ruth Last Updated: November 30, 2020

Prior to being elected as the 51st governor of Indiana, Governor Eric Holcomb served in the United States Navy and as the state chairman of the Indiana Republican Party. Holcomb has met with officials from all over the world and was recognized as the International Center’s International Citizen of the year in 2018. He has been involved in many projects and foundations, including “Skillful Indiana,” Next Level Connections, Next Level Recovery, The Last Mile, and more. During the past few years as governor, Holcomb decided to take advantage of his travels and shoot a hoop on a basketball court in every county in the state. Holcomb lives in Indianapolis, IN with his wife, Janet, and their Miniature Schnauzer, Henry.

Leadership Life | Governor Eric J. Holcomb | COVID-19 Impact

Governor Holcomb talks through how Hoosiers are living through the pandemic while still loving and inspiring others.  The honest, humble, and hungry team that he assembled before COVID-19 hit has continued to infect him with positivity, as well as the Indiana community. Governor Holcomb is dedicated to sharing the good news that will give constituents hope that will turn into opportunity, despite the challenges.

Leadership Life | Governor Eric J. Holcomb | West Lake Corridor Project

Governor Holcomb used the approach of “One Indiana for all” in order to put the West Lake Corridor Project in place. Holcomb wants to continue to emphasize our location, and to do that, investing in our infrastructure becomes a priority. Emphasizing that we can do big things here in Indiana, and we can do them together.

Leadership Life | Governor Eric J. Holcomb | Communication in the Digital Age

Governor Holcomb talks about his opportunity and potential to do good in everything that he does. His focus on mission and people outweighs any negative input. Governor Holcomb and his administration thrive on their chemistry and the foundation they can build because of that.

Leadership Life | Governor Eric J. Holcomb | Great News Update

Governor Holcomb talks about all of the good that all of the residents of Indiana are doing to help each other.  Hoosiers are going above and beyond to support those first responders as well as their neighbors to get through this pandemic together.

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