Leadership Life: Frank J. Mrvan, North Township Trustee

Leadership Life: Frank J. Mrvan, North Township Trustee

Frank J. Mrvan was called to leadership by virtue of growing up around it. His father, Senator Frank Ed Mrvan, Jr., instilled in him a sense of servant leadership that he has carried throughout his personal life and career. Frank J. Mrvan is a Highland resident and a Morton High School grad. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State University. Before being elected North Township Trustee, he worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative and a licensed mortgage broker. He also served on the North Township Board for three years. Mrvan is a past president of the Lake County Young Democrats, past treasurer of the Highland Democratic Club, and member of the Hessville Democratic Club, Knights of Columbus, and FDR Club. He is married to Jane (Trimble), and they have two children, Genevieve and Scarlett.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic came about, Frank J. Mrvan and his team at the North Township Trustee’s office quickly mobilized to ensure all efforts were focused on serving those most vulnerable in the community.

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Frank J. Mrvan credits his father for being a cherished mentor in his quest for fulfilling a life of servant leadership. He also credits the North Township Trustee staff for carrying out the office’s mission and supporting the office as they break down barriers to providing services to the community in times of need.

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