Leadership Life: Aco Sikoski, Chancellor, Ivy Tech

Leadership Life: Aco Sikoski, Chancellor, Ivy Tech

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If you ask Aco Sikoski why he has chosen secondary education as a profession, one word undoubtedly will surface in the conversation more than once: inspiration. In this latest edition of Leadership Life, Sikoski shares his perspective on how the Ivy Tech system seeks to inspire and motivate students to discover meaningful careers, using real-life educational opportunities and technology to propel them into career-oriented mindsets. He also shares what drives him personally to be a leader in education. Sikoski has worked at Ivy Tech since 1997 as a professor and administrator, using his engineering and science education and background to help develop strong academic pre-engineering and technology programs. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kiril and Metodi in Macedonia, and a master's degree in engineering from Purdue University.

Leadership Life | Aco Sikoski | Strong Roots at Ivy Tech

Aco Sikoski has strong, deep roots at Ivy Tech Community College, dating back to 1997 when he started as a professor. Today, the Chancellor draws leadership inspiration from keeping one question top of mind every day: How can I make a positive impact on students?

Leadership Life | Aco Sikoski | Practical Education for Real-World Success

Aco Sikoski is passionate about creating educational programs that maximize technology and launch students into successful careers.

Leadership Life | Aco Sikoski | The Value of Partnerships in Education

Servant leadership is a cornerstone of Aco Sikoski’s leadership philosophy, and he sees forming valuable partnerships with local universities and businesses as essential.

Leadership Life| Aco Sikoski | The Value of Positivity

Aco Sikoski says the more we as a community share the good news about the success of others, the more we inspire each other to be better. Key word: inspire.