Latitude Commercial’s Veronica “Vern” Turek continues her passion for property management in the new role

Latitude Commercial’s Veronica “Vern” Turek continues her passion for property management in the new role

Latitude Commercial Property Manager Veronica “Vern” Turek has always been passionate about her chosen line of work. Having joined the field in 2005, she has always enjoyed that no two days are the same in property management.

“Every day is an adventure,” Turek said. “It's always something interesting, and then dealing with the people and the properties is fun, too.”

Turek considers herself a people person and noted that this has helped her become a pro when it comes to her work. She has always loved both visiting with current clients and getting to know newer ones as well. 

“I like being the walking, talking problem solver,” Turek said.

When Turek, one of the newest team members to join the Latitude team, was offered the position to continue working in a career she grew to love, she knew she couldn’t say no. 

“The opportunity presented itself,” she said.

To Turek, working at Latitude has been a dream come true. She likes that there is variety and flexibility in her schedule and also appreciates that she can work with a variety of clients in many different fields. She normally visits clients in the field two to three times a week, a factor she enjoys as opposed to working strictly from an office daily.

“I was drawn to the position because of my interest in the field and also that there is no set schedule,” Turek said. “I could start out coming into the office and then leaving to go on-site to meet a vendor, like an HVAC technician, to do preventative maintenance or just check out the property every week.”

Just two months into her new position at Latitude, Turek found a second home within the company.

“I love the level of their customer service and attention to detail and the teamwork here,” she said. “It’s so fun dealing with different types of clients and properties. Right now I’m trying to get into my flow and get my processes in tact to cater to the properties.”

She is more than excited about moving forward and is looking forward to growing with the company and taking on more properties as they become available.

Outside work, Turek is an avid runner and has been participating in marathons for 11 years.

“My claim to fame is running marathons,” Turek laughed. “I tell people I'm a diva. I just like a flat, fast course–I’m more of a roadrunner.”

Turek mentioned she's come to love working in property management and at Latitude for similar reasons that she loves the sport. Both require a similar mental process, and she enjoys that process to help her achieve both her personal and professional goals.

“My approach to both running and working with Latitude is that it's a process,” Turek said. “You have a plan, you're locked in your plan, and you follow it to accomplish your goals.”

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