Latitude Commercial’s talented, collaborative team fuels growth and expansion

Latitude Commercial’s talented, collaborative team fuels growth and expansion

At Latitude Commercial, every project and every sale is a collaborative effort. They are not solo brokers simply working under one name, it is a true team that strives to work together and exceed their clients’ expectations every time. 

“There’s a close camaraderie between everyone here, it’s a vocal culture where others are heard and everyone listens,” said Cade Weiler, Property Manager. “Every day, we look for ways to grow and help each other, and that motivates me to be better at what I do. We work towards excellence in what we do, and I am proud to be surrounded by these high performers every day.” 

Latitude is made up of unique talents from diverse backgrounds. For his part, Weiler joined the team fresh out of business school. Others had worked in government, social services, education, and office management. 

“In my past profession, there was always an emphasis on procedures and routine,” said Antony Miocic, Director of Office Group. “Over my years at Latitude, I’ve taken those skills and applied it to real estate. I’ve created standards for much of our customer relationship management use and taught them to others.” 

That depth of experience across a unique field means that it is a great learning environment – even the most talented individuals always have a new skill discover. 

“The majority of my job responsibilities are not something I’d ever experienced prior to working at Latitude, so I’ve grown a lot in that aspect,” said Meghan Delacruz, Director of Finance. “I believe that Latitude will continue to grow, both by adding new members to the team and by developing those already here.” 

Latitude is growing quickly in expanding footprint and in their operations in areas such as property management. Miocic noted, however, that the expansion is carefully curated. 

“Our mentality regarding growth has always been to do it right,” he said. “We’re not the kind of place that throws people at the wall to see who sticks. Each time we’ve brought on a new staff member, we have had a specific job for them and every team member has helped train them. That’s why we’ve been so successful with bringing on new staff over the years.” 

Since 2016, their team has grown from five to nine with plans in place for more new hires. 

“The sky is the limit for Latitude Commercial,” said Ryne Pishkur, Director of Property Management. “I can see us increasing our presence in Chicago’s South and Southwest suburbs, and I can even see us getting into a new market. As for my division, I’m hopeful we can add several more property managers within the next two to three years.” 

Every team member, new or old, works with the same philosophy in mind. 

“Our goal is always to serve our clients and grow our brand,” Miocic said. “All the tasks we do throughout the day revolve around those goals.” 

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