Latitude Commercial provides full-service property management with diligence and integrity

Latitude Commercial provides full-service property management with diligence and integrity

Property management is a time-consuming and often intensive job. Landscaping, snow removal, roof repairs, building maintenance, plumbing, rent collection, and bookkeeping are just a few of the many things that need to be taken care of to keep a building and business running smoothly, and they can pile up quickly. For property owners who are looking to take back control of their time, Latitude Commercial’s Property Management Group is there to help. 

The group is a team of three led by Director of Property Management Ryne Pishkur, who is equipped to provide full-service property management for retail, office, industrial, medical, and flex-use spaces. Utilizing strategies designed to meet the goals and needs of each individual owner, Latitude Commercial aims to increase income, protect and improve property valuation, and let owners focus on their personal goals. 

“As simple as it sounds, our philosophy is to do right by our clients,” Pishkur said. “We’re basically the face of the property owners, so any time we’re dealing with tenants, it’s our goal to be as caring, professional, and understanding as possible.” 

Cade Weiler, Commercial Property Manager, and Meghan Delacruz, Director of Finance, complete the team – each playing an essential role in keeping things running smoothly and clients happy. 

“I definitely think our biggest strength is how well we work together,” said Delacruz. “It truly is a team environment. Not only does the way we perform our individual tasks effect the team as a whole’s success, but we can also rely on each other to help out or pivot into something that might not necessarily fall under our job description.” 

The team’s success has led to rapid growth. In June of 2018, Latitude managed three buildings with a combined 18 tenants, for a total of 72,000 square feet of space. Now, they manage 23 buildings with 110 tenants and more than 550,000 square feet of space, with clients living in all parts of the country: California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York. 

Delacruz, who manages those client’s bookkeeping and rent collection, loves the challenge of keeping pace with the constant growth. 

“Being responsible for the bookkeeping of 18 different LLCs, I’m constantly learning more and keeping things organized to provide our clients with the best service possible,” she said. “There’s not one specific ‘task’ I enjoy the most about my work. For me, it’s about being able to do my job well and keep our clients happy.” 

Pishkur said that the key to his team’s success is their commitment to three simple values: diligence, organization, and integrity. 

“Diligence and organization go hand-in-hand, there are 100 different tasks and ways to save our clients money every single day, and we need to stay on top of all of them,” said Pishkur. “Honesty, be it with the client or the tenants, it is essential to keeping everyone on the same page. It builds a working relationship that ensures we can do our job responsibly.” 

The job also requires a friendly approach and the ability to adapt to the vast array of situations that can occur when working with 23 buildings and 110 tenants, which suits Weiler perfectly. 

“Every project has a unique nuance, there’s always something new to learn or cool people to meet,” he said. “I meet people who have been doing all these different careers for their whole lives, and it really inspires me to learn more about myself.” 

Weiler, Delacruz, and Pishkur are equipped to handle comprehensive property management needs – tailored to every client’s goals and desires. 

“A client of ours could simply own the property and leave everything else to us if they wanted,” Pishkur said. “Their level of involvement is totally up to them, but it can be as easy as making the investment, hiring us, and then collecting their income from us every month. They don’t have to worry about a thing.” 

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