Lakeside Wealth Management: Securing the Future Through Young, Energetic Advisors

Lakeside-Wealth-Management-Young-Guns At Lakeside Wealth Management, bringing on young advisors and staff has played a big role in creating the unique atmosphere that the financial firm has cultivated and proudly touts as one of their defining characteristics.

The average age of a Lakeside advisor is 41 years old, compared to the industry average age of 50.9 according to research completed by Cerulli and published in the January 2014 issue of Financial Advisor magazine. The issue goes on to say that 43% of financial advisors are over the age of 55.

Having a young, energetic staff has opened opportunities while keeping an eye on the future of the firm. Lakeside senior advisors are committed to shaping the next generation of leaders.

Lakeside Wealth Management’s “Young Guns” took time to describe their roles and talk about what makes working at Lakeside so unique.

Asset Management Associate, Brandon Kapitan, works to execute trades, maintain accounts and oversees account activity at Lakeside.

“I feel like in some of the ‘wire house’ firms you are more susceptible to becoming just a number, whereas, at Lakeside we all play an important role in the overall success of the firm,” Kapitan said. “I get to work with my best friends every day. As we continue to grow, not only in terms of assets but in adding new people to our group, it will be fun to take a leadership and mentor role. Our young team will eventually lead the way for the next wave of young professionals to join our family.”

Nicole Pollock is a Client Services Associate with Lakeside Wealth Management and when speaking about what brought her to the company she said, “I was attracted to Lakeside because it was a small business with a great vision to empower the employees and make the community a better place. Businesses in the financial industry tend to get a reputation that they’re uptight, but that’s not the case here at all.”

“Lakeside has a very unique atmosphere,” said Pollock. “We have a fun, family feeling between all of the employees. The team atmosphere allows for great chemistry instead of rivalry. Due to the team approach, we can make the client experience so much more dynamic with each person bringing their own piece of the puzzle.”

Lakeside’s Support Advisor, Megan Amling, works alongside CEO Mark Chamberlain, preparing for meetings and following up with any action items for the clients and Mark. Amling is also highly involved with helping Senior Advisor, Kelly Shikany, lead Lakeside’s quarterly Women’s Circles.

Before her senior year at Purdue University, Amling got the chance to intern with Lakeside and that amazing experience had an impact on her decision to join the firm.

“I enjoyed the atmosphere and how open everyone was to mentoring and teaching me,” said Amling. “There was always an open door for me to walk in to ask questions. My experience as an intern exposed me to all areas of the firm. I got to shadow different departments and work on projects that helped me understand there was so much more to being a financial advisor than just the investments.”

Echoing Amling’s sentiments concerning the benefits of working with and learning from senior advisors was Lakeside’s Cory Helmbrecht, who said, “Entering this industry as a young advisor can be difficult. Working with two senior advisors is like getting ‘Free Parking’ or riding the big ladder in Chutes and Ladders. Having all the knowledge and experiences from them gives us a strong leg up above other young advisors in the industry.”

“Interestingly enough it creates almost the same sense of family as would evening dinners for a normal family,” says Helmbrecht. “After six months of working at Lakeside you don’t have co-workers, you have an extension of family and spending time with them on the weekends and outside of work is also not uncommon.”

Lakeside also allows its young advisors to specialize in certain areas of the industry. Financial Advisor, Chris Frain, works with a specific group to plan for their financial future.

“My role at Lakeside is very unique,” Frain said. “I am responsible for working with local teachers by helping them plan for retirement and continue working with them past retirement. We work with roughly 16 different school districts throughout the area.”

“On a daily basis, I am meeting with either new, current, or retired teachers and answering all of their financial questions. It is a great honor to work with so many men and women that have such a huge impact on many of our lives and the community. I work with each school to make sure their retirement plans offer what their employees need. I’m one of the few advisors in the office who gets to work on both sides, qualified plans and private wealth. I really enjoy it as it forces me to be sharp and able to adapt to all kinds of situations.”

As senior advisors at Lakeside work to secure the futures of their clients, they also work to secure the future of their team and the firm. Building a culture centered around a family feel while fostering teaching and leading relationships with the “Young Guns” explains why Lakeside is unlike any other financial firm in the region.