Lake County Public Library Card Gives Access to Over 168 Libraries

lake-county-public-libraryThe Lake County Public Library has joined a group of Indiana Libraries to cooperate with each other to allow Lake County residents to visit and check out materials from other library systems in many locations throughtout the state.

This means that if you are a Lake County Public Library resident and would like to visit another participating library all you will need to do it show the library your Lake County Public Library card to prove that you are a member in good standing. The library will then be able to issue you a reciprocal library card that you can use that day.

Reciprocal card borrowers are usually given a different card then resident borrowers and every library's rules for reciprocal borrowers differ at each library. If you've found an Indiana library that has the item you need, call first to make sure you can borrow it under the statewide borrowing program.

When you do borrow an item from a different library, your are responsible for the item just as you are when you borrow from the Lake County Public Library. That means you will have to return the item to the library system from which you borrowed it.

For more information patrons are encouraged to go to

This is the library's way of reaching out to Indiana residents and providing the common goal of all libraries in the state of “Education for All!”