La Porte Physician Network is now offering telehealth visits

La Porte Physician Network is now offering telehealth visits

La Porte Physician Network has made it possible to see their doctors using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Telehealth or virtual visits allow you to talk with a provider just as you would in the doctor’s office, but without leaving the comfort of home. Appointments are available for new and existing patients.

“Telehealth is a great solution as we seek to maintain continuity of care and keep our patients safe during this time when social distancing and staying at home are critical, “says Ashley Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer for La Porte Hospital and Starke Hospital. “Telehealth can be effective for many reasons someone may want to see a doctor.”

Although some appointments require a physical examination in order for the doctor to meet the standard of care and make fully informed decisions, many visits can be managed well through virtual interaction. These may include certain visits for:

  • Minor illnesses such as colds and allergies
  • Minor injuries such as sprains
  • Follow-up care
  • Medication management
  • Chronic disease management
  • Back pain
  • Other specialty care

Many insurance plans cover telehealth visits. Video visits are typically required, although some payers will cover visits by phone only. Check your plan coverage or ask when you make an appointment.

Call any La Porte Physician Network office to request a telehealth appointment. Visit for a full list of providers. La Porte Physician Network will provide instructions about your telehealth visit when you schedule the appointment.