La Porte Lakes Offer Opportunity Almost All Year Round

La Porte Lakes Offer Opportunity Almost All Year Round

The La Porte Lakes make up an integral part of the city and its neighborhoods as it lies immediately northwest downtown. Its healthy waters and scenic views offer naturistic opportunities almost all year round. The Lakes offer excursions for the fall season in addition to the variety of summer season activities such as picnicking, fishing, mountain biking and much more! During the fall and spring migrations, the La Porte Lakes are considered one of the best locations in the state for observing loons, grebes and ducks. Here’s an inside look at the what each La Porte Lake has to offer.

Pine Lake

The 660 acre horseshoe shaped lake is one of the largest. Pine offers observation sites from its eastern edge along Pine Lake Avenue and south/southwestern edge along Waverly Road. The Northwest and Southwest areas can be viewed more closely from Island Drive. Though Pine Lake is great for summer/spring water sports such as boating, kayaking, water skiing, and tubing, Pine, as well as other La Porte Lakes, offer a scenic site to enjoy during the fall season.

Now is a great time to take family or animals on lakefront walks on the beach as the leaves are turning. The beach also has picnic tables for a fun lunch or dinner adventure!

For fishing, bait can be purchased at many local markets and fishing boats can be rented from the local marina, a necessity to catch fish effectively. In Pine Lake you will find Northern Pike, Bluegill, Perch, and Largemouth Bass.

Stone Lake

Located along the eastern shore, the 140 acre lake offers a plethora of activities to do all year round. The grounds include a playground, outdoor showers, picnic tables and grills for outdoor fun! Some recreational activities are diamond sports, volleyball, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, fishing, and boating. The Stone Lake Beach House includes a concession stand and restroom facilities. In the summer there is public access to swimming and water fun.

Clear Lake

The 106 acre lake is located on Truesdell Avenue just east of McDonald’s. The shallow lake is easy to access as it is completely surrounded by public roads. The spot is especially excellent for observing migrating ducks, grebes and occasional loons. After many years Clear Lake has produced a large count of species including over 320 Ruddy ducks and 150 Pied-billed Grebes.

Fishermen will find catfish, largemouth bass, carp and bream/bluegill here; the chances of getting a bite are high.

Fishtrap Lake:

Located on the northeast corner of Clear Lake, Fishtrap can be viewed along its southwest border from McClung Road. In the fall and spring, large numbers of Ring-necked Ducks occur and Black Terns can be seen specifically in the spring. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including crappie, bream/bluegill and redear sunfish here.

Horseshoe Lake

The small lily-pad-covered lake is located just to the north of Fishtrap Lake along Severs Road. The best access point is from a diagonal railroad crossing that extends in a northwest direction from Severs Road to the western edge of the lake. Horseshoe is best known for hosting the last reported Black Tern nest in Indiana in 1997.

For fishing, make sure to purchase a Fishing License and view fishing rules/regulations at Indiana Fish & Wildlife. There is still so much time to take advantage of opportunity and adventure at the La Porte Lakes during the fall season. For more information about the La Porte Lakes, or any other opportunities in La Porte visit