La Porte Hospital Joins Community for First Annual Blow Away Breast Cancer Event

La Porte Hospital Joins Community for First Annual Blow Away Breast Cancer Event

During October, Breast Cancer Awareness becomes a cause at the top of mind for many individuals and organizations. On Monday afternoon, La Porte Hospital joined those ranks and hosted their first annual Blow Away Breast Cancer event to honor those affected by breast cancer, whether they be survivors, recently diagnosed, family, or caregivers.

In the United States, breast cancer affects one in eight women, making this event incredibly personal for most in attendance. La Porte Hospital CEO Ashley Dickinson praised the strength that is apparent in those affected by the disease.

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“I’m inspired by all of you that have attended our first Blow Away Breast Cancer event,” Dickinson said. “It uplifts me to see our caregivers and those who have been affected by breast cancer come together to celebrate our milestones and success, and honor those who have fought before us.”

“Through it all, we are strong for each other and our patients,” Dickinson continued. “That is what today is about, strength and perseverance.”

Pink pinwheels were handed to each attendee to represent the strong men and women who were honored at the event. Dr. Krishna Pillai, Radiologist and Director of the Women’s Imaging Center, addressed the crowd and advocated for all women to receive regular exams.

“We know there are barriers that keep women and men from addressing their breast health,” Pillai said. “We’re extremely fortunate to have the support of the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, which, since 2006, has secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust to offer free screening mammograms and necessary follow up testing for the uninsured and underinsured in our community. Today is about helping the community be hyper-aware of the services and care that we offer here at La Porte Hospital.”

As the flag was raised and proclamation read, the event remained hopeful and encouraging. The strength of many was apparent as the message to continue fighting was taken to heart. Matt Shebel, Director of Diagnostic Imaging for La Porte Hospital, was pleased to see so many in attendance.

“I think it’s a wonderful event,” Shebel said. “It brings awareness to breast cancer and the opportunities and funding that are available so no woman would have to go without a mammogram.”

To conclude the event, attendees placed pinwheels in the garden to honor those touched by breast cancer. The shape of a pink ribbon quickly formed in the garden bed, ready to serve as a reminder of the importance of breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October.

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