Kougars Look to Improve Each Week After Losing “The Barrel” Game

Kougars Look to Improve Each Week After Losing “The Barrel” Game

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The Kankakee Valley High School football team opened their season at home last week against the Rensselaer Bombers.

The Kougars had a touchdown lead minutes into the game, but, the teams were soon tied again when the Bombers got a touchdown shortly after the Kougars. This game was a fight to see who could win "The Barrel" back. The Barrel is a literal barrel that the Bombers and the Kougars play for every season, with the winning team keeping it for the entire year.

The Kougars won The Barrel two years ago but lost it in 2013 and were unable to retain it this year, falling 60-34 on Friday. 

"We improve every practice and every game," said junior Cody Gronkoewicz, who plays cornerback for the Kougars. "Even though we lost our last game, it gave us a look as to where we need to improve on. I think we have a great season ahead of us as long as we focus on what we need to do."

Gronkoewicz isn't the only one that thinks this about his team. Offensive Coordinator Dann Ellenwood, agrees that the improvement will come every week.

"Play as hard as they can, to apply as much as they learn, play loose, play fast, have fun," Ellenwood said.

The next home football game is Friday, August 29 when the Kougars host Indianapolis Manual High School.